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Self-Guided Learning


Prepare early care and education providers to successfully implement evidence-based Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) hearing screening and follow-up practices. This practical, hands-on self-guided learning process includes content divided across 4 learning sessions and is intended for individuals serving in programs that are committed to providing OAE hearing screening to young children. After completing the 4 learning sessions participants will be able to:

  1. Plan and implement an OAE hearing screening program
  2. Explain how OAE screening works
  3. Conduct OAE screenings on young children
  4. Outline the necessary follow-up steps when a child does not pass the OAE screening
  5. Access resources for tracking children through the completion of the OAE screening and follow-up protocol
  6. Access additional tools and resources that support successful OAE hearing screening program development and quality improvement

It is strongly recommended that participants in the self-guided learning process screen as many children as possible after completing the last learning session. Implementing program-wide screening following the learning process is optimal so that the skills acquired during the sessions can be applied and reinforced immediately.

About Self-Guided Learning

The Self-Guided Learning approach will walk you through 4 Learning Sessions that will cover Video Tutorial Modules 1 - 11 and the accompanying Implementation Tools. Within each Learning Session there are 3 types of activities:

  1. View the Video Tutorial Modules
  2. Complete a hands-on practice exercise
  3. Complete a brief, online practice exercise report to receive a Certificate of Completion. After submitting each report, you will be given an opportunity to print a Certificate as documentation of your reported activities. (A copy will also be emailed to you.)

Before you start

Make sure you have fully operational OAE equipment available for use during your learning process.

If at all possible, identify a local pediatric audiologist or other individual with experience conducting OAE screening with young children who can assist you through your learning process.

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