Communicating Results


Not Passing Result

Beth:  Now let's move on to informing parents about a not passing result. It's important the family knows what to do next, so you need to be clear and concise, and again, give verbal and written test results in the parent's primary language. Be clear where and when the baby needs to go for follow-up testing and who'll make the follow-up appointment. Again, give them information like reports and brochures explaining how babies develop and how they should respond to sound.  

Jordan:  This sounds a little more complicated than telling parents an infant passes the screening.  Do you maybe have a sample script for this one too?

Beth:  Of course I do.  The first script is for “not passing,” the second script is for “not passing for babies at high risk for hearing loss.”  We want you to be as prepared as possible when talking to parents.  You can refer to “Frequently Asked Questions” for many of their questions and concerns.  But again, if they have questions you can't answer, be sure to refer parents to your program manager.  

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