Presenter Information:
Presenter 1: Name: Holly Pedersen
Holly Pedersen is a faculty member in the Department of Special Education at Minot State University and an EI consultant for the ND School for the Deaf. She has worked with children and adults who are d/hh in a variety of rural settings for the past 16 years. Her research interests include early intervention and service delivery models for rural low-incidence populations.
Presenter 2: Name: Cory MacIver
Cory MacIver is an educator and a parent of a beautiful daughter who has both vision and hearing loss. Cory has been active in examining the role of fathers in early intervention services and fostering effective father participation.
Author Information:
Author 1: Name: Holly Pedersen
Affiliation: Minot State University
Author 2: Name: Cory MacIver
Affiliation: N/A
Abstract Information:
Title: What do Dads Know, Anyway?
Primary Track: 3-Early Intervention
Keyword(s): fathers, perceptions, support


Current literature is beginning to recognize the importance of fathers in the early intervention process and suggests that fathers can play and important role in the language and literacy development of their children with hearing loss. However, the unique contributions, needs and responsibilities of fathers remain largely understudied. In addition, families often face unique challenges raising children with hearing loss in rural areas. These two factors are examined in the present participatory action research study. Fathers of children who are deaf or hard of hearing across North Dakota were surveyed to gather information regarding their perceptions of early intervention services, role descriptions, challenges, and suggestions for increasing and enhancing father participation in early intervention. Survey results are presented and implications for incorporating findings into early intervention service delivery programs are discussed.
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