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Presenter 1: Name: Summer Crider
Summer Crider is a graduate student in Culture Studies in the Deaf Studies program at Gallaudet University. She is originally from Florida and spent most of her schooling years as the only deaf student. Summer created a 30-minute documentary film at the age of 17 about her experience growing up with a cochlear implant. Summer went to Gallaudet University to pursue a self-directed major in “Psychology and the Expressive Arts”. After working for a year as a college recruiter, Summer decided to get a Master’s in Culture Studies. She hopes to get her PhD in Bicultural and Bilingual Education.
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Author 1: Name: Summer Crider
Affiliation: Summer's Story
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Title: Growing Up With A Cochlear Implant: A Young Woman Tells Her Story
Primary Track: 6-Family Issues
Keyword(s): Communication Opportunity, Family, Education, Cochlear Implant


Now a graduate student in Culture Studies at Gallaudet University, Summer Crider has experienced a plethora of educational settings, communication methods, and identities as a deaf person. Summer's education background ranges from being the only deaf child in her public school to being one of a few students with a cochlear implant in her School For the Deaf. As a cochlear implant user for 20 years, Summer will address how her family navigated through the language, communication, and educational choices available to them. She will describe the positive impact of having her family include her in the many decisions that impacted her development related to language, communication and identity. She will also discuss the benefits of the variety of educational placements, communication methods, and strategies that she experienced. Summer will explain what works for her when it comes to using her cochlear implant and how she became a self-advocate in her education and communication needs. In addition she will discuss how her parents, speech therapists, audiologists, teachers, and other children with cochlear implants contributed to a healthy self-esteem and formation of her identity as an educated young deaf woman.
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