Presenter Information:
Presenter 1: Name: Vickie Thomson
Affiliation: CDPHE
Vickie Thomson, Ph.D is the State Audiology Consultant and Director of Newborn Screening Programs at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. She worked as a clinical audiologist for 25 years prior to public health work. Vickie serves on the boards of the Marion Downs Hearing Center and Colorado Families for Hands and Voices.
Presenter 2: Name: Emily Fields
Affiliation: CDPHE
Emily Fields is the Follow-Up Coordinator for the Newborn Hearing Screening Program in Colorado. She is a certified genetic counselor who worked in the field of hereditary cancer prior to coming to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. She welcomes opportunities to combine her knowledge of genetics and hearing loss.
Author Information:
Author 1: Name: Vickie Thomson
Affiliation: CDPHE
Author 2: Name: Emily Fields
Affiliation: CDPHE
Abstract Information:
Title: Some Days You Eat the Mountain and on Other Days the Mountain Eats You
Primary Track: 8-Information Dissemination and Marketing
Keyword(s): NICHQ, PDSA, evaluation


State EHDI staffs recognize how daunting implementing change can be for an entire birth population, for every hospital, for every audiologist, for every aspect of an EHDI program. However change is critical for program improvement and enhancements. Colorado was one of five states to participate in the National Initiative for Child Health Quality (NICHQ). The aim of our participation was to improve follow-up through out the EHDI program with a strong focus on the medical home. NICHQ encourages the use of small tests of change called Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA). The concept of PDSA’s is to select one issue. Next identify a small change, with a small subset rather than the entire population. Then through data measurement identify whether the PDSA is successful and ready for spreading to other sites. The Colorado NICHQ team consisted of the state EHDI director, follow-up coordinator, Title V director, a Hands & Voices parent, a physician, the Colorado Hearing Resource director, and an audiologist. Together we tested several PDSA’s. Some of these were so successful they are being implemented statewide. Others PDSA’s revealed larger systems problems that need to be addressed such as electronic medical records between hospital inpatient and outpatient systems. This presentation will discuss the tools used, the opportunities gained, and insights into taking small steps up the mountain rather than climbing it all in one day!
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