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Presenter 1: Name: Melody Harrison
Melody Harrison, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences, Department of Medical Allied Health Professions, University of North Carolina School of Medicine where she is the Coordinator of Master’s Studies. She is certified as a teacher of children with hearing loss and as a speech-language pathologist. She has been involved in early intervention for over 25 years as a teacher, clinician, professor, researcher, and clinical supervisor. Her research interests and publications are related to early identification of children with hearing loss, providing family-centered services and families' perceptions of the early intervention services they have received. Dr Harrison has served as a consultant and on task forces for several states regarding provision of services to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with hearing loss.
Author Information:
Author 1: Name: Ron Gillam
Affiliation: Utah State University
Author 2: Name: Judith Holt
Affiliation: Utah State University
Author 3: Name: Jack Roush
Affiliation: university of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Author 4: Name: Ann Marie Tharpe
Affiliation: Vanderbilt University
Author 5: Name: Karl White
Affiliation: Utah State University
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Title: Developing EHDI Leadership
Primary Track: 1-EHDI Program Enhancement
Keyword(s): leadership learning


The U.S. Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB), a branch of the Health Resources and Services Administration in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has funded three new leadership grants in pediatric communication disorders at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Utah State University, and Vanderbilt University. All three will provide personnel preparation related to early hearing detection and intervention (EHDI). Although each grant is unique, all three will focus on: 1) graduate-level preparation of audiologists and speech-language pathologists for leadership roles in education, service, research, administration, and advocacy related to services for young children with communication disorders and their families; 2) development and dissemination of curricula, teaching models, and other educational resources to enhance MCH content in communication disorders training programs; and 3) continuing education, consultation, and technical assistance geared to the needs of the MCH community. UNC-Chapel Hill, Utah State University, and Vanderbilt have a longstanding history of research and personnel preparation in the area of pediatric hearing loss. This poster will: 1) describe the new leadership grants and how they will be implemented at each university; 2) the anticipated benefits to graduate students and EHDI programs at state, regional, and national levels; and 3) the collaborative activities that will promote networking and cooperation among the three universities, in partnership with the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management.
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