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Presenter 1: Name: Patty Shappell
Affiliation: Neonatology Associates, LTD
Patty Shappell, Au.D.CCC-A is the Hearing Screening Program Director for Neonatology Associates, LTD in Phoenix, Arizona. Neonatology Associates, LTD provides newborn hearing screening services to 11 hospitals in Arizona, screening over 2400 baby's per month. Patty received her Doctorate of Audiology from Arizona School of Health Sciences in August 2006. She received her Masters in Audiology in 1986.
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Author 1: Name: Patty Shappell
Affiliation: Neonatology Associates, LTD
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Title: Analysis of Barriers to Follow-up from 10 Hospital UNHS Programs.
Primary Track: 5-Follow-up, Tracking, and Data Management
Keyword(s): Barriers to Follow-up: Trend Analysis of 10 Hospital UNHS Programs.


Our program provides UNHS services to 10 metro Phoenix area hospitals screening over 2000 infants per month. Hospital birth rates range from 100 per month to over 500 per month including all levels of newborn care; well baby to NICU Level II, IIEQ, and Level III. Patient demographics vary across socioeconomic groups and multi-cultural. Known and unknown barriers of lost to follow-up have been tracked and analyzed to evaluate trends or patterns based on the different groups. Objective: Evaluate program statistics to assess EHDI goals. Screen by one month, Diagnosis by 3 months, and Early Intervention by 6 months. Method: Analysis of screening and tracking data to determine barriers along the path of 1 -3-6. Results: Trends identified include: Tracking Barriers Service Barriers Cost Barriers Insurance Barriers Conclusion: Determined trends and developed strategies to improve lost to follow-up rates. Hospital Screening Education Parent Education Physician Education
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