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Presenter 1: Name: Judy Harrison
Affiliation: AG Bell
Judy is the Director of Programs at the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. She is an experienced teacher of the deaf who has held a variety of positions within the field of hearing health. Judy has worked as an early interventionist with deaf and hard of hearing children and their families; as an educational consultant on two cochlear implant teams; and for a cochlear implant manufacturer. She was a member of the New Jersey Early Intervention Collaborative and worked with the N.J. Department of Education to promote spoken language for deaf and hard of hearing students. Judy is currently a member of the Joint Committee on Infant Hearing (JCIH) and is President of the Council on Education of the Deaf. Judy has a Bachelors of Arts degree in speech pathology from Rutgers University and a Masters in education of the deaf from Gallaudet University.
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Author 1: Name: Judy Harrison
Affiliation: AG Bell
Author 2: Name: Howard Silberstein
Affiliation: AG Bell
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Title: Communication Outcomes Research Project
Primary Track: 8-Information Dissemination and Marketing


The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (AG Bell) recently completed its Communication Outcomes Research Project (CORP), generously funded by the Dextra Baldwin McGonagle Foundation. Graduate students from George Washington University identified and analyzed over two hundred articles related to hearing loss. Available on AG Bell’s web site, www.agbell.org, the articles are categorized by title, author, keyword and populations included in the various research studies. Brief abstracts of each article are written in text that is understandable for the non-professional. A glossary of terms is provided to assist readers in their comprehension. The completion of CORP provides families and professionals with evidence-based information as they explore strategies and communication methods to achieve successful spoken language development for children with hearing loss. This poster will describe CORP and inform attendees about this valuable resource for families and EHDI providers.
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