Presenter Information:
Presenter 1: Name: Lylis Olsen
Affiliation: EAR Foundation
Lylis Olsen is the EHDI coordinator for the State of Arizona. She works for the EAR Foundation of Arizona and has been involved in the EHDI program since 1994. She is an audiologist and has a master's degree in public health.
Author Information:
Author 1: Name: Lylis Olsen
Affiliation: EAR Foundation
Abstract Information:
Title: HEAR for Kids-filling the gaps in EHDI
Primary Track: 2-Audiological Assessment and Intervention
Keyword(s): hearing aids, loaner program, assessment


The EAR Foundation of Arizona’s HEAR for Kids program is completing its tenth year. The program started along with the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention efforts to address the need for high quality loaner hearing aids for all children. HEAR for Kids loans more than 200 hearing aids each year, purchases more than 150 permanent aids and provides vouchers for assessment to families that are stuck in the screening process. In 2008, in anticipation of the ten year anniversary of the program, both families and professionals were surveyed to determine the continued need for the program. Questions address how the program might be modified and how well it meets the needs of both the families and the professionals that it serves. The basic structure of the program will be presented as well as the results of the surveys.
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