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   The Bonding of Hearing Mothers to Deaf Infants
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   Integrating newborn screening data for program improvements
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   Gaining Cooperation of Pediatric Audiologists: the Stick and the Carrot
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   'Now what do we do?'
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   From Legislation to Implementation: Minnesota’s Improved and Coordinated EHDI Tracking and Follow-Up System
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   iTransition: It's all about me! Overview
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   Growing Up With A Cochlear Implant: A Young Woman Tells Her Story
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   Pediatrician Survey on EHDI Knowledge, Attitude and Practice
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   The Parent Decision Guide
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   Addressing the Needs of the Texas EHDI Program through the Creation of a Health Information Exchange
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   Infants Transferred from a Birth Hospital to Another Facility in Massachusetts
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   Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) 2006 Demographic Data
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   Potential Economic Benefits of Preventing Congenital CMV Infections in the United States
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   Communication Outcomes Research Project
Harrison, Melody
   Developing EHDI Leadership
Harward, Richard S.
   Birth Certificate Application: Another Tool to Reduce Loss to Follow Up
Hesley, Marlene
   Engaging Physicians in the EHDI Process
Hoffman, Jeff
   EHDI System Outcomes and Selected Demographics
Hunt, Ros
   Informed Choice - Thoery into Practice
Kleindienst, Samantha
   Including High Frequency (1000 Hz) Acoustic Stapedial Reflexes in UNHS: Pros and Cons
Knudson Chouffi, Brenda
   New York State Newborn Hearing Screening NICHQ Learning Collaborative
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   Building Capacity of Improved Follow-up Processes in Sao Paulo Brazil
   The Learning Collaborative: Improving the System of Care for Washington State’s Newborn Hearing Screen Program through small tests of change
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   Family Choices: Facilitating the EHDI Decision Making Process
Odeh, Valerie
   Follow-up Infrastructure on a Public Health Foundation
Odeh, Valerie
   Impacting Loss to Follow up Through Small Tests of Change in Arizona
Odeh, Valerie
   Enhancing Collaboration and Education through Follow-up
Olsen, Lylis
   HEAR for Kids-filling the gaps in EHDI
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   What do Dads Know, Anyway?
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   Speech Sounds: An Auditory Habilitation Tool to Promote Spoken Language
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   Some Days You Eat the Mountain and on Other Days the Mountain Eats You
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