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State EHDI Coordinator Meeting
Dallas Intercontinental Hotel
March 11, 2009

Meeting Purpose and Goals During the last 18 months, over 25 states have replaced their state Early Hearing Detections and Intervention (EHDI) program coordinator. With so many new coordinators, it is important to review and discuss the goals for state EHDI programs and to discuss effective practices. The purpose of the meeting is to provide an opportunity for experienced state EHDI coordinators to share information about successes and challenges and for all participants to discuss and ask questions that will lead to improved EHDI programs. The state EHDI coordinator (or designee) for every state or territory is expected to attend.

As a result of this meeting participants will:

  • Be able to describe effective practices for each component of a comprehensive state EHDI program.
  • Be able to identify the most significant challenges they are likely to encounter in operating an effective EHDI program and describe various strategies for dealing with those challenges.
  • Better understand how to implement and maintain a comprehensive and effective state EHDI program.
  • Identify strategies and resources that can be used in their state to improve the state EHDI program.

Each state is expected to develop a comprehensive system for newborn hearing screening, diagnosis, and services for children with hearing loss. To do that requires a clear understanding of goals, knowledge of effective practices, and coordination among various stakeholders. The format for the meeting will consist of a series of panels of experienced EHDI coordinators and other resource people discussing each of the following topics, followed by questions/answers and discussion. Panel members will provide an overview of current information about effective practices related to the topic so that participants will have a common framework for discussion. Participants will be encouraged to use the information from these discussions to up-date the State Action Plans developed during the National EHDI conference that immediately precedes this meeting

Tentative Agenda

7:30 Continental Breakfast
8:00 Welcome, introductions, and meeting goals
8:30 Newborn Hearing Screening Panel
9:15 Diagnosis of Hearing Loss Panel
10:00 Break
10:15 Early Intervention Panel
11:00 Medical Home Pane
11:45 Family Support Panel
12:30 Lunch
1:15 Tracking and Data Management Panel
2:00 Program Evaluation and Quality Improvement Panel
2:30 MCHB Reporting and Electronic Handbooks
3:00 Adjourn