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Reading to Deaf Children: Learning from Deaf Adults

February 28, 2010

For Parents, Caregivers, and Educators

Based on the Reading to Deaf Children: Learning from Deaf Adults manual and videotape, this workshop teaches the effective book-sharing techniques known as "the 15 Principles for Reading to Deaf Children." These principles were developed from research studying effective communication strategies deaf adults use when reading to deaf and hard of hearing children.

The workshop focuses on key concerns:

  • Why is reading important?
  • How do I use sign language to share stories?
  • What if I don’t know all the signs related to a story?
  • How do I keep American Sign Language and English visible while reading?
  • How do I arrange the placement of the child and the book?

Participants learn to recognize and apply the 15 principles for reading to deaf and hard of hearing children. They practice these principles and gain new skills that they can use with their own children or with the children they teach.

Presenter: Richard L. Jeffries, Jr.

Richard is currently a training specialist with the Training and Professional Development unit at the Clerc Center. As a trainer, Richard has travelled extensively over the country providing different literacy-based workshops such as Literacy – It All Connects, Read It Again and Again, Language Experience: Leading from Behind, Reading to Deaf Children, and 6+1 Traits Writing Assessment. In addition, Richard has taught reading and writing for fifteen years at three different deaf schools including a brief stint at Gallaudet University. He is currently studying for his doctoral degree and hopes to complete in the summer of 2010. He lives with his beautiful wife and two lovely cats in Ellicott City, MD.