Title: 'A Legacy of Language'
Track: 8-Program Evaluation and Quality Assurance
Audience: Primary Audience: Family of a child with hearing loss
Secondary Audience: Early Intervention Provider
Tertiary Audeince: Advocacy Group
Keyword(s): Families, Literacy, Language
Learning Objectives: Identify strategies for enhancing literacy learning for children with hearing loss. Describe family-based activities to promote reading. Discuss ways to monitor reading growth and progress. List tips for encouraging reading for children with hearing loss.


Two educators, one Deaf and one hearing, will present information for families of children with hearing loss regarding reading. This session is designed for parents, regardless of their choice of communication access. Specific tips and strategies will be presented to encourage the reading process. Examples will be drawn from personal experience learning to read (as a Deaf person) and from research.
Presentation(s): Not Available
Handouts: Not Available
Nancy Kelly-Jones - Illinois School for the Deaf
     Credentials: Ms. Nancy Kelly-Jones holds a B.A. in English ('72) and an M.A. in Deaf Education, with emphasis on Secondary English ('75), from Gallaudet University.
     Other Affiliations: Nancy is a national trainer in ASL/English Bilingual Professional Development (AEBPD) with CAEBER at Gallaudet University. She is the co-author of two books Signs Everywhere and Signs Sports (a set of six booklets on different sports.) She is a current member of the Board of Trustees for Gallaudet University.
      Nancy has been a classroom teacher of the Deaf for 28 years, first teaching at the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf and then at the Illinois School for the Deaf. She is currently a library/media educator. She teaches library skills units to students K-12 and works with teachers in enhancing units with visual and media support. She has taught undergraduate courses in the interpreter training programs at several community colleges.
Patrick Kelly - University of South Carolina
     Credentials: Clinical Instructor, Programs in Special Education at the University of South Carolina. Certified school psychologist in South Carolina, Licensed Professional Counselor in South Carolina, Nationally Certified School Psychologist
     Other Affiliations: National Association of the Deaf, A.G. Bell, Council for Exceptional Children
      Patrick Michael Kelly is currently an instructor in Programs in Special Education, College of Education, at the University of South Carolina. Prior to his present appointment his career included service as a professional counselor, school psychologist, and administrator in a variety of educational settings serving a wide range of children and youth. He has specialized training in working with children with hearing loss and their familiies.