Title: 'Auditory-Verbal Therapy for Multiply Involved Children: Examples of Effectiveness'
Track: 3-Early Intervention and Beyond
Audience: Primary Audience: Early Intervention Provider
Secondary Audience: Part C Agency/Program
Tertiary Audeince: Family of a child with hearing loss
Keyword(s): Auditory Verbal Therapy, Multiple Disabilities
Learning Objectives: Participants will gain an awareness of the effective use of an Auditory Verbal Approach with multiply involved children as a component a broader early intervention program.


A team of Auditory Verbal Therapists shares four case studies of children who have significant developmental disabilities in addition to being profoundly deaf. Profiled children’s issues include Failure to Thrive, CHARGE Association, Medical Fragility, and Deaf-Blindness. Traditionally these children would not likely have participated in Auditory Verbal Therapy, though our experience indicates that such intervention can be a valuable component of a broader intervention plan. While an Auditory Verbal approach is not a match for all children, additional and severe disabilities should not eliminate a child from participating in Auditory Verbal Therapy with appropriate adaptations. Children highlighted are all experiencing benefits from cochlear implants, effective parent education, and a flexible approach to early intervention. Videos are included with a strong emphasis on providing support for child and parent in tandem. Discussion topics include alternative communication modalities, use of sensory-based strategies, equipment management, collaborating with other professionals and programs, and parent counseling. Guidelines for identifying appropriate benchmarks are included.
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Sarah Wainscott - Chattering Children
     Credentials: Ph.D., CCC-A, LSLS Cert AVEd
     Other Affiliations: Gallaudet University
      Sarah Wainscott is Audiologist, Auditory Verbal Therapist, and Director of Research and Outreach at Chattering Children in McLean, Virginia. Her professional roles have included clinical and educational audiologist, preschool teacher and interventionist, program director, parent educator, and university instructor. Research interests include the decision-making processes of families and early language acquisition by deaf children.
Gloria Menezes-Furtado - Chattering Children
     Credentials: M.Ed., CED, LSLS Cert AVT
      Gloria holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English Literature, as well as a Master’s of Education of the Deaf. She is a certified Auditory Verbal Therapist and holds certification as a Teacher of the Deaf. She has worked with deaf children and their families for more than twelve years. Her experiences include supporting mainstream students with hearing loss in areas of language and academics, as well as individualized instruction in speech and auditory skills. Gloria has become a mentor to others in the field because of her expertise in the Auditory-Verbal approach to therapy for deaf children. Her interests include integrating technology into intervention and using a whole-child approach, identifying the multiple intelligences of her students.