Title: 'Experiencing Deaf Culture: Creating a Friendly Visual Environment at Home'
Track: 1-EHDI Program Enhancement
Audience: Primary Audience: Early Intervention Provider
Secondary Audience: Family of a child with hearing loss
Tertiary Audeince: Advocacy Group
Keyword(s): Deaf Culture, access, technology, deaf experience, American Sign Language
Learning Objectives: advise parents how to create an accessible home environment for the deaf/hard of hearing child.


The door bell rings and a child who can hear runs to answer it. Can a child who is deaf do the same? Raising a child who is deaf in an accessible home environment can be a challenge for parents. Ideas for encouraging positive visual communication techniques in a home and technology that converts auditory information to accessible information will be presented. Participants will learn how to help parents create a home environment that is visually friendly for children from infancy. Participants will rotate through informative and entertaining booths of technology and communication strategies. A brief discussion of how these booths can be used to orient parents of infants and toddlers to Deaf Culture will be included.
Presentation(s): Not Available
Handouts: Not Available
Nancy Kelly-Jones - Illinois School for the Deaf
      Ms. Nancy Kelly-Jones holds a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Deaf Education, with emphasis on Secondary English, from Gallaudet University. Nancy has been a classroom teacher of the Deaf for 28 years, first teaching at the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf and then at the Illinois School for the Deaf. She is currently a library/media educator. She has taught undergraduate courses in the interpreter training programs at several community colleges. Nancy has presented workshops on ASL and Deaf Culture to various groups such as parents, law enforcement agencies and medical students. Nancy is a national trainer in ASL/English Bilingual Professional Development (AEBPD) with CAEBER at Gallaudet University. She is the co-author of two books Signs Everywhere and Signs Sports. Nancy is a member of numerous Deaf organizations. She is also a lifelong mentor for deaf youth in Jr. NAD, providing leadership training for Deaf leaders of tomorrow.