Title: ': EARS from Multiple Perspectives '
Track: 1-EHDI Program Enhancement
Audience: Primary Audience: State Health Department
Secondary Audience: Hospital/Birthing Center<
Tertiary Audeince: Audiologist
Keyword(s): follow-up and tracking, long-term follow-up, family support
Learning Objectives: 1)The learner will gain knowledge about specific strategies to gather “classically difficult-to-obtain data.” 2)The learner will understand the benefits of having multiple users involved in the EHDI process using one system to document follow-up and improve data. 3)The learner will be exposed to a long-term follow-up form that is designed to assist in maintaining contact with families of children with hearing loss over time, therefore decreasing loss to follow-up.


The EHDI Alert Response System (EARS) is a customized, web-based data management system integrated with the Integrated Data System (IDS) at the Indiana State Department of Health. EARS is designed to alert users to conduct follow-up activities on specific children to ensure and enhance follow-up from screening to intervention. The system also allows for multiple responses (phone calls, letters, emails, faxes) as well as secure communication between system users. More recently, implementation of the Diagnostic Audiology Evaluation (DAE) form, the EHDI Long-Term Follow-up (ELF) form and additional reports have been implemented to promote more efficient follow-up, improved data, very early family support and to intensify Indiana’s efforts in decreasing age of identification, age of enrollment into early intervention and loss-to-follow-up and documentation.
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Lisa Kovacs - Hands & Voices
     Credentials: Parent
     Other Affiliations: Indiana State Department of Special Education Advisory Council, National Deaf Education Summit Committee, American Academy of Pediatrics EHDI Task Force
      Lisa lives in Greenwood Indiana with her husband Brian and 4 children. Her son has Auditory Neuropathy. Lisa is one of the founding board members for Indiana Hands & Voices and has been with the organization for over 8 years. She is currently the Program Coordinator for Guide By Your Side(GBYS). She is also the Director for GBYS Hands & Voices Head Quarters. She has extensive training in Educational Advocacy and Parent Support. Lisa serves on several councils and committees; Indiana Department of Education Special Education Advisory Council, National Deaf Education Summit Committee, and American Academy of Pediatrics EHDI Task Force. Lisa has a passion for training parents and helping them recognize their strengths and abilities in order to make informed decisions for their child and family. Lisa wants to see that all children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing have the opportunity to reach their full potential.
Valari Koziel - Indiana State Department of Health
     Other Affiliations: St Margaret Mercy Hospital
      Valari Koziel Au.D is a clinical audiologist based at St. Margaret Mercy Healthcare in Hammond, IN. Since 2004, her jobs at the hospital include screening well baby and NICU infants, diagnostic follow up for babies that did not pass newborn hearing screening, and reporting hospital statistics to the State of Indiana via the EARs program. Valari also has worked for the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) program through the State of Indiana as a Regional Audiology Consultant since 2006.
Gayla Hutsell Guignard - ISDH
     Credentials: EHDI Program Director
     Other Affiliations: NCHAM Network Representative
      Gayla Hutsell Guignard is the Program Director for Indiana’s EHDI program. Gayla is also a consultant with the National Center on Hearing Assessment and Management (NCHAM). Gayla is currently the Chair of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s Division 9 (Childhood Hearing and Hearing Disorders) steering committee. She has been involved in numerous committees, task forces and work groups focused on improving systems and services for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Julie Schulte - Indiana State Department of Health
     Credentials: MA, CCC-A
      Julie Schulte, M.A., CCC-A is the EHDI Follow-up Coordinator for the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) at the Indiana State Department of Health. Julie has worked with the EHDI Program since 2005. Prior to working in the EHDI Program, Julie worked as an audiologist in several different capacities including a clinician on a cochlear implant team, a researcher examining the speech and language development of children with cleft lip and palate, an aural rehabilitationist working with deaf and hard of hearing children receiving early intervention services, and a clinical audiologist providing diagnostic audiology and hearing aid services.