Title: 'ASL Tales: A New Paradigm for ASL/English Literacy'
Track: 3-Early Intervention and Beyond
Audience: Primary Audience:
Secondary Audience:
Tertiary Audeince:
Learning Objectives: Demonstrate an approach that engages young Deaf children with books, educates parents and siblings, and creates shared family learning. These books/DVDs/web-based-learning-tools link native storytelling in both languages, and support and develop linguistic flexibility as children naturally interact with two languages in their complete forms. Explore the benefits of a visual message for young Deaf children, supporting cognitive awareness through the meta-linguistic presentation of stories using two complete languages.


What better way to learn than through discovery?! Deaf children and families learn a message in one language and enjoy their way into finding how that message is conveyed in the other language*. The linked L-1 versions of ASL and English provide an opportunity for Deaf children, their families and educators to use these texts to enhance natural language acquisition and create innovative novice-to-advanced classroom instruction. Our whimsical ASL texts are depiction-rich, providing easy access to the story while providing a context for complex ASL grammar and structure. The result is literature that can be used to teach the basics of both languages and has applications for learning the nuances needed for bi-lingual competence. Master storytellers of both languages and magical illustrations result in books that children love and can be a strong foundation for motivating a love of reading. The poster session will discuss some of the many benefits, including: - Use of DVDs and web-based tools for independent learning - Joint texts guide students to higher level thinking in their most accessible language. - Deaf children get access to a masterful, accessible form of an English text.
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