Title: 'EHDI and Guide By Your Side: Very Early Family Support'
Track: 1-EHDI Program Enhancement
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Keyword(s): short-term follow-up, family support, documentation
Learning Objectives: 1)The learner will recognize the benefits of employing both professionals and parents in EHDI programs to enhance families’ experiences and improve short-term follow-up. 2)The learner will develop ideas for generate and obtain data that documents the programs efficacy. 3)The learner will gain strategies and tools that may be used to provide and/or improve family support in his/her own state/territory.


Family support as an integrated part of state EHDI programs is occurring at an increasing rate among states and territories. Many parents and caregivers are concerned when they learn that their new baby did not pass newborn hearing screening. Indiana’s EHDI program and Indiana Hands & Voices are working together to provide very early family support in effort to enhance the experience of families as they travel through the EHDI process (from screening to intervention) and to improve short-term follow-up activities among families. Using a team approach, EHDI program staff work with Hands & Voices to engage parent consultants and Guide By Your Side (GBYS) Parent Guides in the EHDI follow-up process. This session will provide attendees with data on families who have elected to participate in Guide By Your Side since its inception (September 2009). The EARS Long-Term Follow-up (ELF) form will be shared and discussed as a tool to enhance contact with families and documentation of data. An overview of the Indiana Guide By Your Side Guided Family Notebook as a tool to ensure family-centered short-term follow-up will also be provided.
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Lisa Kovacs - Hands & Voices
     Credentials: Parent
     Other Affiliations: Indiana State Department of Special Education Advisory Council, National Deaf Education Summit Committee, American Academy of Pediatrics EHDI Task Force
      Lisa lives in Greenwood Indiana with her husband Brian and 4 children. Her son has Auditory Neuropathy. Lisa is one of the founding board members for Indiana Hands & Voices and has been with the organization for over 8 years. She is currently the Program Coordinator for Guide By Your Side(GBYS). She is also the Director for GBYS Hands & Voices Head Quarters. She has extensive training in Educational Advocacy and Parent Support. Lisa serves on several councils and committees; Indiana Department of Education Special Education Advisory Council, National Deaf Education Summit Committee, and American Academy of Pediatrics EHDI Task Force. Lisa has a passion for training parents and helping them recognize their strengths and abilities in order to make informed decisions for their child and family. Lisa wants to see that all children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing have the opportunity to reach their full potential.