Title: 'Working as a T.E.A.M. (Teacher, ENT, Audiologist, Mentor)'
Track: 3-Early Intervention and Beyond
Audience: Primary Audience: Family of a child with hearing loss
Secondary Audience: Early Intervention Provider
Tertiary Audeince: Audiologist
Keyword(s): Parent Support Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration
Learning Objectives: Will identify strategies to enhance current programs by offering parent support groups. Through analyzing their current roles professionals will define opportunities to collaborate with their medical, educational or emotional support counterparts.


When a child is diagnosed with hearing loss, the family looks for medical, educational and emotional intervention. TEAM stands for Therapist, ENT, Audoiologist and Mentor. This presentation will highlight the best practice used by all disciplines who collaborate to ensure that the family receives the support that is needed to navigate their way through their journey of hearing loss. In Illinois, a parent to parent support program provides unbiased, emotional support and resources by trained Parent Mentors to families with children who have hearing loss. This presentation demonstrates how a medical model utilizes a parent support program to enhance family services. Through a collaborative effort of the medical team and parent mentors, families are able to take advantage of a comprehensive circle of service.
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Carrie Balian - IL Hands & Voices, Guide By Your Side
     Credentials: IL Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side Program Coordinator, CHOICES for Parents Coordinator, Parent of a child with hearing loss, Bacehlor's of Science in Marketing and Management
     Other Affiliations: CHOICES for Parents
      Carrie Balian is the mother of four children. Her oldest child, Jack, was born deaf. She is the Coordinator of Hands & Voices, Guide By Your Side in Illinois and CHOICES for Parents. Carrie has presented to groups nationwide, co-authored several publications including the 2012 NCHAM e-book. Carrie served for two years on the EHDI meeting planning committee and is still a member of the Illinois Universal Newborn Hearing & Screening Advisory Board. Carrie has also participated as a parent professional on the NICHQ national and statewide learning collaborative teams and is also a Board Member of Illinois Hands & Voices. During this journey of representing other parents she has been recognized and awarded both nationally and locally for her support, commitment and leadership in the field. Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management.
Lyra Repplinger - University of Chicago
     Credentials: MS
      Lyra Repplinger received her MS in deaf and hard of hearing education in 2000 from Illinois State University. She is a developmental therapist for children with hearing loss credentialed in Early Intervention in Illinois. She is currently the co director of the Pediatric Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implant Program.