Title: 'Audiology in the NICU'
Track: 2-Audiological Assessment and Intervention
Audience: Primary Audience: Audiologist
Secondary Audience: State Health Department
Tertiary Audeince: Medical Provider
Keyword(s): diagnostic; ABR; NICU; neonate; preemies
Learning Objectives: 1. outline the importance of audiology in the NICU 2. troubleshoot when performing ABR diagnostic evaluations in the NICU


Since about 1/2 of newborns with congenital hearing loss are from NICU nurseries, performing diagnostic evaluations prior to hospital discharge is often advantageous for families. However, completing diagnostic assessments in the NICU environment poses numerous challenges for audiologists. This session will outline some of the key challenges and highlight some strategies for completing diagnostic assessments prior to hospital discharge for babies in the NICU.
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Christina Graham - Northside Hospital
     Credentials: Au.D.
      Christina Graham has
Laurel Thompson - Northside Hospital
     Credentials: Au.D.
      Laurel Thompson is
Brandt Culpepper - Northside Hospital
     Credentials: ASHA-CCC-A; AAA- FAAA; Ph.D.
      Brandt Culpepper is a pediatric audiologist at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA. She is working with the EHDI-PALs group to develop a national directory of pediatric audiology services. She is also serving on ASHA's Evidence-Based Systematic Review Committee on Hearing Screening. Northside Hospital has the nation's highest annual birth rate and serves as a regional referral source for infant hearing screening and assessment.