Title: 'Early Intervention Services for D/HH: Illinois’ Unique Service System'
Track: 3-Early Intervention and Beyond
Audience: Primary Audience: Part C Agency/Program
Secondary Audience: Early Intervention Provider
Tertiary Audeince:
Keyword(s): Illininois, Early Intervention
Learning Objectives: Understand the unique Early Intervention system in Illinois as it relates specifically to families of children with hearing loss.


A basic introduction to the components of the Illinois Early Intervention (EI) system as it relates to serving infants and toddlers who have hearing loss covering: • Hearing and Vision Connections (HVC) – A Statewide EI training and technical assistance program that provides linkage to EI for Universal Newborn Hearing Screening, Deaf/Hard of Hearing (D/HH) provider recruitment and supervision, free quarterly newsletter and New Parent Information packets on hearing loss. • Developmental Therapist/Hearing - Credentialed EI Providers who have a degree in Deaf Education and who provide information about : o Impact of hearing loss on development o Amplification and assistive listening devices o Language acquisition o Communication option approaches and philosophies o Strategies to address developmental delays caused by hearing loss o Local, state, and national supports available for children with hearing loss o Transitioning into the education system • Deaf Mentors – Adults with hearing loss trained to provide families in EI with: o A language model in the family’s chosen methods of communication o Language modeling activities o Personal experiences growing up with hearing loss o Information on assistive technology for D/HH o Linkage to local resources for D/HH • Designated Service Coordinators – Staff designated within each Child and Family Connections office who receive training through HVC EI Hearing Service Guidelines –State approved document to assist CFC staff with procedural operations of the statewide EI . • New Parent Hearing Information Packets –Uniform and unbiased information and distributed to EI families of children with hearing loss. Discussion of the following EI collaborators: • Illinois State University Graduate Certificate Program: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Auditory /Oral Specialists • Illinois Deaf/Hard of Hearing Commission • Choices for Parents • Illinois Hands and Voices • Guide By Your Side • Institute for Parents of Preschool Children
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Nancy Scott - Hearing and Vision Connections
     Credentials: Illinois Early Intervention
     Other Affiliations: Illinois Department of Human Services, Bureau of Early Intervention and Illinois School for the Deaf; Illinois Families for Hands and Voices (IFHV) boardmember; CHOICES for Parents member;Illinois Teachers for Hard of Hearing/Deaf Individuals (ITHI);
      Nancy Scott received her degree in Deaf Education from MacMurray College 1977. She has worked as an educator at the Illinois School for the Deaf since 1979 teaching all ages, birth through High school. She has experience working with infants though adults as a speech language pathologist focusing on language acquisition and communication skill development with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. She has worked in early intervention since 1988. Since Hearing and Vision Connections inception in 1999, Nancy has been the Hearing Specialist providing statewide training and technical assistance for the Bureau of Early Intervention. She regularly provides workshops on deafness, deaf mentoring, and early intervention.
Gail Olson - Illinois Hearing and Vision Connections
     Credentials: Illinois Early Intervention
     Other Affiliations: The Illinois Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities, Jacksonville Area Association for Retarded Citizens, Illinois ARC, Illinois United Cerebral Palsy, Jacksonville Center for Independent Living, Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Council, the American Association of Home Based Early Interventionists , the Illinois Advisory Board for Services for Persons Who Are Deaf-Blind, Illinois School for the Deaf Outreach and STARnet Regions I and III.
      BIO: Gail Olson has worked in the field of disabilities since 1980. Her experience specifically in Early Intervention includes administrator of an early intervention program , Service Coordinator, Parent Liason, Local Intervention Council Coordinator, and Coordinator of Hearing and Vision Connections. She holds an Early Interventon credential in Developmental Therapy. She is also the parent of a child who has Down Syndrome and has experienced Early Intervention first hand as a family member. She has served on numerous disability related boards and councils.