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The University of Western Ontario Pediatric Audiological Monitoring Protocol - Marlene Bagatto, Au.D., University of Western Ontario (Additional authors are Sheila Moodie, M.Cl.Sc. and Susan Scollie, Ph.D.)
  The University of Western Ontario has developed a Pediatric Audiological Monitoring Protocol (UWO PedAMP). This outcome evaluation guideline consists of several tools that aim to measure auditory-related outcomes in infants and children who may or may not wear hearing aids and includes the following dimensions: 1) subjective assessment of early auditory development; 2) subjective ratings of auditory performance in daily life; 3) acceptance and use of hearing aids; and 4) effectiveness of service delivery. The functional outcomes are supported by each child’s hearing aid fitting information (i.e., Speech Intelligibility Index [SII]). The face-to-face training will describe the outcome evaluation tools included in the UWO PedAMP Version 1.0 and how the guideline is administered as part of a complete pediatric hearing aid fitting protocol. The UWO PedAMP has been implemented with children of varying ages, developmental abilities and degrees of hearing loss. The impact of these variables on outcome will be presented during the training to support this evidence-based clinical guideline.
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