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Effective Transition Part C to Part B – A Seamless System- Presented by the National State Leaders Summit in Deaf Education
  This session will discuss important considerations to achieve an effective and seamless transition process from Part C to Part B services as viewed by state department of education and parent perspectives. Topics include assessment and eligibility including components of appropriate assessment and interpretation; monitoring strategies for children who are not Part B eligible; speech-language pathology services that are appropriate for young children with hearing loss; children with additional learning problems or disabilities; placement considerations to maximize successful learning; the role of preschool service standards; parent training and counseling; access accommodations; data sharing across systems, and developing systems to address outcomes and measureable indicators of performance. The presenters will related this discussion to the goals of the National Agenda that strive for the development of a true communication-driven, literacy focused educational system and a national/state/local support structure for parents, children and educators. Discussion among participants will be encouraged to share successful strategies for addressing some of these issues. This presentation is sponsored by the National Summit on Deaf Education.
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