Title: 'Audiological Counseling for Parents Regarding Hearing Loss Associated with Congenital CMV Infection'
Track: 2-Audiological Assessment and Intervention
Keyword(s): Audiologist, Counseling, Parents,Hearing Loss, Congenital CMV
Learning Objectives: describe the issues involved in counseling parents regarding hearing loss associated with congenital CMV infection; describe communication methods for interacting with parents; develope content scripts for helping parents understand hearing loss associated with this virus; help parents understand their role; know when to refer for more extensive counseling.


Audiologists have responsibility for sharing information with parents regarding their child's hearing levels that may be associated with congenital CMV. Parents are often not knowledgeable about this infection and the audiologist who is able to convey comprehensive information can facilitate parents being able to obtain appropriate audiological and intervention management for their child. Because children with symptomatic CMV infection may have problems in addition to hearing loss, counseling for these particular children may require a team approach.
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Faye McCollister - NCHAM
     Credentials: CCC-A, EdD
     Other Affiliations: UAB CMV Studies
      Faye P. McCollister, EdD, CCC-A, has authored articles on hearing loss associated with congenital cytomegalovirus, low birth weight, unilateral hearing loss, and Downs Syndrome. She is Professor Emeritus at the University of Alabama. She is an audiology consultant for the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management Technical Assistance Network and for the UAB collaborative studies regarding congenital CMV and hearing loss. Dr. McCollister has extensive pediatric audiology experience and experience in early intervention with families and their infants and young children with hearing loss.