Title: 'The Road Taken - A Parent's Guide'
Track: 6-Family Issues
Keyword(s): early-access, services, counselling, resources
Learning Objectives: What we have learned in BC: there is a wide range of differences in the ways families react to the identification and engage in the intervention process. You cannot always guess which families will engage early and which will postpone. Part of our BC plan for a multi-level approach to encouraging families to engage and participate is a film developed specifically for parents who were postponing or not ready to engage in services. By the end of the presentation session participants will be able to: identify barriers to involvement for some families, describe reasons why the resource was developed, describe the range of experiences shared by parents in the film, and discuss the effectiveness of the DVD.


EHDI programs help with the next steps of gathering information, making decisions, and moving forward after identification. The BC Early Hearing Program (BCEHP)in Canada provides a resource for families to facilitate seamless service transitions and make information accessible. As part of the standard resource package, the BCEHP has developed a short film called “The Road Taken-A Parent’s Guide.” The DVD was developed in response to: those families not engaging in early intervention services, families expressing concern about starting early, and families’ questions about how early services would be beneficial The parents in the DVD share some of their experiences: responses to the hearing results, perspective of the hearing results in view of other medical concerns, desires for their baby and family, fears surrounding the diagnosis and next steps, first encounters with early intervention services, and benefits of early intervention services. Parents in the DVD also represent a range of family perspectives: Diverse language and cultural origins – parents of Indigenous, Chinese, South Asian, and Caucasian ancestry share their journey. A variety of hearing types and levels represented – parents of children with ANSD and with microtia-atresia included. Hearing as one aspect of other developmental concerns. A range of early communication opportunities along the continuum. The DVD is 13 minutes long, captioned, and available in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Arabic, Korean, Persian/Farsi, Russian, French, Vietnamese, and Spanish. This resource for new families was created in collaboration with parents of deaf and hard of hearing children, ranging from infancy to young adulthood. The presentation will address challenges for families when early services are recommended and explore the film's purpose: to meet and engage families along the journey.
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Lori Bell - BC Early Hearing Program
     Credentials: Credentials: M.Sc. RSLP Registered Speech-Language Pathologist
     Other Affiliations: Canadian and BC Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists, College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals-BC
      Lori Bell is a Service Coordinator for the BC Early Hearing Program (BCEHP) in British Columbia, Canada. Lori graduated from the University of British Columbia's Audiology and Speech Sciences and has been involved with families of young deaf and hard of hearing children for over 20 years. Lori co-authored the book “My Turn To Learn: A Communication Guide for Parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children”
Teresa Kazemir - BC Early Hearing Program
     Credentials: M.Sc. RSLP Registered Speech-Language Pathologist
     Other Affiliations: Hands and Voices
      Teresa is the BC Early Hearing Program Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side Coordinator, a Speech-Language Pathologist, and parent of a child who is hard of hearing.