Title: 'Collaboration: How to Provide Effective Parent Support Through Collaboration'
Track: 6-Family Issues
Keyword(s): Family Support Collaboration
Learning Objectives: Attendees will learn how to gather key players around the table to establish a collaborative workgroup that will result in a successful parent support program for their state.


We all know that parent support is key to successful intervention for families with children with hearing loss. But how do we get there? What key players do we invite to the table? How do we create a budget? Who writes the grants? Who provides the trainings and creates the parent support program? How do you mold parent volunteers into parent professionals? Who takes care of paychecks and hiring and unfortunately firing? We will walk you through one example of how we made it work in Illinois!
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Ginger Mullin - Illinois EHDI
     Credentials: Au.D.
      Dr. Mullin is the Illinois Coordinator of the EHID Program. Instrumental in the development and funding of the state's parent to parent program, she is a strong supporter of ensuring that parents receive the support that they need while on their journey of raising a child with hearing loss.
Karen Aguilar - CHOICES for Parents
     Credentials: Masters of Jurisprudence in Health Law
      Ms. Aguilar is the Coalition Director of CHOICES for Parents, a statewide coalition of parents and professionals that provides information, support, advocacy and resources to families whose children have a hearing loss. She created a center based early intervention program for families and provided developmental therapy, on-going service coordination and family support individually and in a group setting. She is a member of the Illinois EHDI Advisory Board and is a board member of Illinois Hands & Voices. Ms. Aguilar has a Masters of Jurisprudence in Health Law and has trained the legal community about the rights of persons who are deaf and hard-of-hearing, and educated the Deaf Community about their rights under state and federal laws in her work with the Midwest Center on Law and the Deaf. Ms. Aguilar has been signing since childhood and is a nationally certified, state-licensed sign language interpreter.
Andrea Marwah - Illinois Hands & Voices
     Credentials: President, Illinois Hands & Voices Outreach Consultant, IL School f/t Deaf Advocacy/IDEA educator/coach Commissioner, Naperville Residents with Disabilities Commission CHOICES for Parents Coalition member Hearing and Vision Early Intervention consultant/educator IL School f/t Visually Impaired consultant/trainer
      Andrea received her BA degree in Psychology from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. Since her daughter was diagnosed with hearing loss in 2002, she has taken a special interest in educating parents and professionals on matters concerning IDEA, special education rights, and advocacy for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Andrea is a consultant/trainer/educator for the IL School f/t Deaf, IL School for the Visually Impaired and Hearing and Vision Early Intervention Outreach. She is in her fourth year as President of Illinois Hands & Voices, is on the Speakers Bureau for Hands & Voices National Organization, and is a Parent Guide for the Illinois Guide By Your Side Program where she provides unbiased information and one-on-one emotional support to families who have children with hearing loss. She also serves on the Advisory Commission on Disabilities in her home town of Naperville.
Carrie Balian - Guide By Your Side
     Credentials: Program Coordinator, Guide By Your Side
      Carrie Balian is the mother of three children. Her oldest child, Jack, was born deaf. Carrie and her husband, Andre, have been married for over 15 years and reside in Island Lake, IL. She is the Program Coordinator of Hands & Voices, Guide By Your Side in Illinois. In continuing her ventures of representing families of children with a hearing loss Carrie has presented to groups nationwide, co-authored several publications and was also a member of the Illinois Deaf Task Force. Carrie serves as a member for the 2012 EHDI meeting planning committee and the Illinois Universal Newborn Hearing & Screening Advisory Board. Carrie has also participated as a parent professional on the NICHQ national and statewide learning collaborative teams and is also an Executive Board Member of Illinois Hands & Voices. Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management.