Title: 'Families in Uncertain Circumstances '
Track: 3-Early Intervention and Beyond
Keyword(s): families in transition, military deployment, coping
Learning Objectives: Participants can gain the understanding of providing a balance between the goals of intervention and the realities of life for some families.


Families in Uncertain Circumstances Track: Early Intervention All families are contending with a world changed by war, unemployment and political unrest. Add to that the birth of a baby who is diagnosed with a hearing loss. The EI Specialists, the Audiologists, the Speech/Language Pathologists, et al., have high expectations for parents to carry through with amplification, listening activities, sign language acquisition and speech development. What if the family is homeless, or mom is being deployed to Iraq, or grandmother has temporary custody? How can Service Providers understand these unique circumstances and yet provide the needed support to insure the child continues to develop appropriately? This session will outline some strategies to support those families who have situations that interfere with successful Early Intervention Services: • Helping families understand the EDHI process in their state • Connecting families with the EDHI process when relocating to another state. • Creative intervention; Using technology to include a parent unable to be home at the time of the intervention session • Helping parents cope with extrinsic chaos • Helping parents understand the effect of chaos on their child • Helping parents connect with the joys of parenting
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