Title: 'Good G.R.I.E.F.'
Track: 6-Family Issues
Keyword(s): early intervention, grief, family, strategies
Learning Objectives: Identify specific stages stages of the grief process. Understand the impact this may have on parental involvement with intervention activities. Empower parents to become contributing members of the early intervention team.


Family involvement is considered a stronger predictor of early language development than the degree of hearing loss or the age at which intervention begins. (Moeller 2000) Early intervention goals target not only the child’s progress, but also parental skills and parent/child communication and interaction. The grief process that naturally occurs as parents adjust to having a child who is deaf or hard of hearing significantly affects these families, and their involvement. By recognizing and acknowledging a person in their grief, we can help empower them to confidently stand in their new role as a parent of a child who is deaf or hard of hearing, and as a contributing member of the early intervention team. Susan Hagarty and Lisa Eberlein lead workshop participants through an exploration of the different phases of grief, illustrations of how parents might experience each phase, and examples of how this may impact intervention activities and goals. At the conclusion of this session participants will feel better prepared to support care givers with knowledge and compassion. This emotionally charged topic is presented from both the parental and mental health professional perspective with sensitivity and humor.
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Susan Rolinger - Iowa Guide By Your Side
     Credentials: Parent of D/hoh child, MA in counseling, GBYS coordinator
     Other Affiliations: Past President Iowa Hands & Voices
      Susan is the mother of three teenage daughters. The youngest, Madeline, is profoundly deaf, and has bi-lateral cochlear implants. Susan serves as past President of Iowa Hands & Voices and as Guide By Your Side Program Coordinator. She received her BA in Psychology from the University of Northern Iowa, and her MA in counseling from the University of Iowa. After counseling in clinical and educational settings for several years, Susan made a shift to working with and for parents of children who are d/hoh. She serves as a parent representative on the state executive council for deaf education, the Iowa EHDI Advisory Board, and the Iowa team for the National Summit on Deaf Education. Susan organizes weekend camps for families with deaf or hard of hearing children in Iowa. She shares her knowledge and experiences through workshops and presentations at both the state and national level.
Lisa Eberlein - Hands & Voices (Inter)National
     Credentials: Parent of two children with hearing loss, Wright's Law on Special Education Training (Nov. 2001), BS in Marketing (University of West Florida 1989)
      Lisa Eberlein lives in Denver, Colorado with her two children, Ford (14) and Stella (8), both of whom were diagnosed at birth with hearing loss. She is the author and illustrator of Good Morning Me!, a picture book that incorporates speech exercises to enhance language development in young children. Lisa graduated from the University of West Florida and utilizes her marketing degree and professional work experiences to create fundraising activities for several non-profit organizations in the Denver area. Lisa has been active with the Colorado chapter of Hands & Voices since 2001 and currently serves as the Director of Development for the national organization. Lisa’s shares her parental experiences as a speaker and workshop leader for local, statewide, and national audiences including Hands & Voices National Leadership Conference (2009, 2010 and 2011.)