Title: 'Spoken English and American Sign Language: The Best of Both Worlds'
Track: 6-Family Issues
Keyword(s): English, ASL, Early Intervention, Best Practices
Learning Objectives: Think critically about how American Sign Language and spoken English have crucial roles in language acquisition and understand best practices and strategies to promote such linguistic development. They will reflect upon how facilitation of both languages, although confusing and, at times difficult, is possible.


Language development is fundamental and essential for every child. The best practices for the facilitation of spoken English and American Sign Language can be confusing and, at times, difficult, but it is possible. Ms. Egbert and Ms. Monckton will share what classroom practices have been effective for the ages of 0-5 in addition to exploring what type of education and support for parents of early language learners are beneficial for families who might not sign or those that may not use spoken English. Spoken English and American Sign Language both have a place in the classroom and in the home. The opportunity to continuously and consistently have access to both languages, acquire them, and learn about them across environments is crucial to cognitive and linguistic development. Both presenters will share authentic practices that have taken place at the Texas School for the Deaf Early Childhood Education classrooms, along with, providing additional resources and strategies to support families.
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