Title: 'Reducing Loss to Follow-up through Parent Professional Partnerships: the Wisconsin Model'
Track: 5-Follow-up, Tracking, and Data Management
Keyword(s): Loss to follow-up, parents, professionals, data, home visitation
Learning Objectives: analyze key strategies for successful follow-up identify the components of home visitation that may work in their state


In 2008, there were 70,887 births recorded in the EHDI Tracking Referral and Coordination system (WE-TRAC). Of those records, 906 were not screened for a reason other than child death, parent refusal or non-occurent births, and 229 of the 760 that did not pass the final hearing screening were designated as lost to follow-up or lost to documentation. Beginning in May of 2011, the Wisconsin Sound Beginning Program revamped their infrastructure to better tackle the challenge of loss to follow-up. Wisconsin has now implemented a statewide outreach team consisting of regionalized parent-professional-community partnerships. Easy to understand outreach flow diagrams will be shared. The WSB WIC Memorandum of Agreement will also be available, as well as other tools used in outreach and follow-up. Reducing loss to follow-up is a team effort in WI. Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side Parent Guides conduct phone and letter support. Community WIC Programs are offering information and hearing care coordination, and the EHDI Regional Outreach Nurse Specialists (RONS) are providing follow-up hearing screening services where families are most accessible. In a few short months, we have seen dramatic success in meeting the needs of those infants identified as at-risk for loss to follow-up.
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Connie Stevens - UW-WI Waisman Center supporting WI Department of Health Services
     Credentials: MA, Guide By Your Side Follow-Through and Post Diagnosis Parent Guide
      Connie began work in EHDI after receiving news that her seven month old daughter was deaf. An Applied Sociologist by training, she delved into the topic, researching best practices and available resources for her family. For five years, she was Program Director for Shore to Shore, for families with d/hh members, coordinating and leading parent support groups and sign language classes. Connie was a founding member of and secretary for Wisconsin Families for Hands & Voices. Since 2006, she's been a Guide By Your Side (GBYS) Parent Guide. Since 2009, she's worked with Wisconsin Sound Beginnings as GBYS Follow-Through Parent Guide Coordinator, helping reduce loss to follow-up. Connie attends many EHDI, d/hh and family support conferences. She's co-authored the state’s “Babies and Hearing Loss Interactive Notebook”. She was a recent member of the National Center for Cultural Competence-NCHAM Community of Learners.
Rebecca Martin - WI DHS
     Credentials: MPH, IMH-E(II)
      Rebecca Martin, MPH, IMH-E(II) is the Outreach Specialist Coordinator at Wisconsin Sound Beginnings, working to support families and providers throughout EHDI. She has a decade of experience in health education, home visitation, case management, communications and advocacy. With a focus on high-risk, minority, immigrant and teen parents and their young children, Rebecca has provided intensive case management, intervention, education and support around parent-child relationships, child development, family stability, domestic violence and physical/emotional health. Rebecca completed her public health Preceptorship at a community health center in rural Wisconsin working with Amish and Hispanic communities. Rebecca served as a Peace Corps Volunteer, working to better maternal/child health and improve community organization. She is a graduate of UW-Madison’s Infant, Early Childhood and Family Mental Health certificate program and has earned her Level II Infant Mental Health Endorsement as an Infant Family Specialist for culturally sensitive, relationship-focused practice promoting infant mental health.