Title: 'Sanford Children’s Hearing Loss Clinic: Start-up, Successes, and Challenges'
Track: 4-Medical Home
Keyword(s): hearing loss clinic, medical home, genetic counseling, multidisciplinary team
Learning Objectives: 1. understand one process toward beginning a hearing loss clinic 2. identify those provider specialties that may benefit a hearing loss clinic 3. identify potential challenges to starting a hearing loss clinic


About half of all patients with sensorineural hearing loss have an underlying genetic cause. Identifying the genetic etiology can result in better intervention as well as the ability to anticipate future medical concerns such as vision loss. In South Dakota, there has not been consistent referral to a genetics provider for evaluation of children with hearing loss identified on newborn screening. Based on hearing loss incidence statistics and the South Dakota birth rate, it is anticipated that 35-40 children are born with hearing loss each year in the state. The typical number of referrals to genetics for hearing loss has averaged two per year, however. Sanford Children’s Specialty Clinic initiated a multidisciplinary hearing loss clinic in February, 2011 with support from the Heartland Newborn Screening and Genetics Collaborative (HRSA, U22MC03962). The goal of the clinic was to increase the number of children seen by genetics by combining that service with the otolaryngologist, audiologist, and other specialty provider visits. Additionally, a partnership was formed with the state’s School for the Deaf to enhance early intervention and school services. The process of starting the clinic, as well as the successes and challenges of provider involvement, clinic design, patient recruitment, marketing, and scheduling will be reviewed.
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Amy Mroch - Sanford Hospital
     Credentials: MS, CGC
      Amy Mroch is a board certified and licensed genetic counselor, working in pediatrics. She has many professional interests including neuromuscular disorders, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, and hearing loss. After graduating with her degree in genetic counseling from the University of Cincinnati, she moved to the Heartland and resides in South Dakota.
Quinn Stein - Sanford Health
     Credentials: MS, CGC
      BIO: Quinn Stein is a board certified and licensed genetic counselor who does a little bit of everything - pediatrics, oncology, prenatal, infertility, and newborn screening. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin genetic counseling program and will always be a fan of Badger football.