Title: 'Raising a Successful Deaf Child the Bilingual Way'
Track: 6-Family Issues
Keyword(s): English, ASL, early intervention
Learning Objectives: 1) Understand the importance early language acquisition is for the deaf child. 2) Understand a successful way of providing early language 3)Understand the importance of English for a deaf child 4) Learn a successful method of teaching English to a deaf child 4)Understand how to lay the foundation for good mental health in your deaf child


Martin Dale-Hench, now 24, is a successful adult by most any standard. He is a college graduate (Magna Cum Laude; major: English), a world traveler, multi-lingual, self-supporting, self-confident, and a gentle and kind human being. Martin was diagnosed as having a profound hearing loss at age one. His parents will discuss the steps they took in Martin's early life to ensure he had every possible advantage for success: academically, socially, and emotionally. The parents' foci were early language acquisition, a total acceptance of his deafness, reading and writing, and assisting him in building relationships with both deaf and hearing communities.
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     Credentials: parent
      Peter Dale and Chris Hench are parents of a child with profound deafness.