Title: 'From Paper to the Web: The Good, The Bad and the Not So Ugly of Web Based Data Management'
Track: 5-Follow-up, Tracking, and Data Management
Keyword(s): data management, web based database, data entry, paperless system
Learning Objectives: At the end of the session participants will understand the opportunities, successes and challenges of implementing a paperless database system into a state EHDI program.


Web based databases are fully interactive and allow usage by a variety of professionals anywhere or anytime, allowing the ability to log in and view, add, edit or delete data depending upon the rights that are granted to them. This online method of inputting Newborn Hearing Screening data directly into the Colorado Integrated Data System (IDS) by statewide EHDI program members provides a secure way to centralize information for purposes of data tracking, follow-up needs, and reporting methods in a time-efficient manner. In our times of decreasing use of paper and increasing efficiency, it has been found that this web based database proves to not only improve the real time data (information delivered or received immediately) but has also provided more efficient and thorough processes for Hospital Coordinators to manage their own data and time. With a total of 54 birthing hospitals in the state of Colorado, all hospital representatives for the Newborn Hearing Screening programs were trained in a face-to-face venue on how to run reports, enter newborn hearing screening results, and how to utilize the database for purposes of follow-up, completing hospital record transfers, as well as data analysis. This presentation will review the opportunities, successes and challenges faced with moving from a paper system that had been in place for many years to a paperless web based system. On-site training and on-going technical assistance procedures will be examined as well as future goals of expanding the use of the IDS system for state audiology evaluation and intervention data, data captured by local midwives and birthing centers, and school district access.
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