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Susan Wiley, MD, FAAP

Susan E. Wiley, MD, FAAP is a developmental behavioral pediatrician and adjunct assistant professor at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Her specialties include sensory loss (deaf, hard of hearing, blind, low vision) and deafness associated with an additional disability. Dr. Wiley has served on the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Task Force on Improving the Effectiveness of Newborn Hearing Screening, Diagnosis, and Intervention since its inception in 2001. Her leadership on the Task Force and as the Chapter Champion for Ohio has been invaluable.

In addition to her role as a national Task Force member, Dr. Wiley also serves on the EHDI Loss to Follow-up/Documentation (LTF/D) Workgroup and the AAP EHDI Education Subcommittee dedicated towards defining the role of the medical home in reducing rates of LTF/D and raising EHDI awareness in the medical community. She is a tireless advocate for advancing the mission of the medical home which is critical to the success of EHDI and is evident in all of her ongoing efforts. To that end, Dr. Wiley was the recipient of the AAP EHDI Education & Training Award which provided her chapter with $2500 to work with state EHDI stakeholders to conduct EHDI-specific education and training in an effort to reduce the rate of LTF/D. She is also the EHDI liaison to the medical home project focused on developing a curriculum for residents. As the liaison, she was able to successfully advocate for the inclusion of an EHDI related learning strategy within this important resource. Dr. Wiley was also one of the lead authors of the AAP PediaLink online continuing medical education course Childhood Hearing: A Sound Foundation in the Medical Home, which is a leading educational tool for medical home providers.

Dr Wiley is recognized as a strong partner with her state EHDI program and is considered a true "champion" for EHDI. The Infant Hearing Program (EHDI) at the Ohio Department of Health shares that "Dr. Susan Wiley has been an integral and valuable change agent within Ohio's EHDI program. Dr. Wiley has dedicated her time, energy and passion across the EHDI program, and has a true desire for providing leadership in our state. She has been highly involved with the National Initiative for Children's Healthcare Quality (NICHQ) Learning Collaborative, not only as faculty for NICHQ, but also participating as a strong state team member for her home state of Ohio. She has worked continuously with stakeholders to create educational platforms that address all of the components of EHDI, but also other underlying conditions that affect children with hearing loss such as Autism Spectrum Disorders. Dr. Wiley provides endless insight and contributions to the state of Ohio, and we are so very pleased to have her as a partner for change."

Driven by her intrinsic passion to serve all children and families, Dr. Wiley never shies away from any opportunity to improve the lives of deaf/hard of hearing children and their families. She is indeed a worthy nominee of the 2013 Antonia Brancia Maxon Award for EHDI Excellence.