Poster Sessions


P 1 A California Resource Guide for Parents Nancy Grosz Sager
P 5 An itinerant teacher/home visitor’s dilemma…how do I avoid common pitfalls when delivering services? Debra Lively
P 25 Arizona Pediatricians: Are You EHDI Ready? Brad Golner
Randi Winston
Lylis Olsen
Melissa Selbst
Sondi Aponte
P 35 Beyond Early Head Start: Washington State's Inter-Agency EHDDI/ECHO Collaboration Debra Lochner Doyle
Nancy Hatfield
Laurie Geneva
P 45 Beyond The Locker Room: Raising Children With Hearing Loss To Be Ready For The Game of Life. Marc Le Beau
P 30 Bridging the Gap: Assessment of Hearing Healthcare Barriers in Appalachia Matthew L. Bush, M.D.
P 32 Chapter 233 of the Acts of 2012: Pathway to Victory in Massachusetts Michelle Motta Dardeno
P 7 Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Hearing Loss: Professional Experiences Justin Rozniak
Susan Wiley
Samantha Gustafson
P 9 Children with Special Needs Can Listen, Too! Kimberly Jenkins
Emily Noss
P 47 Club Saturday Deborah O' Willow
P 4 Domains of Knowledge in Early Intervention Claire Soete
P 26 EAR Foundation of Arizona Newborn Screening Vouchers Lylis Olsen
Melissa Selbst
P 28 Early lexical development in Finnish cochlear implant children during the first year after implantation Taina Välimaa
Sari Kunnari
P 49 Effects of Noise on Auditory Cognitive Skills in Normal Hearing Children: Implications for Children with Hearing Loss Jessica Sullivan
Homira Osman
P 52 Executive Function Profiles of Children who use Cochlear Implants Anne Marie Tharpe
Uma Soman
P 8 Family Perspectives on Autism Spectrum Disorder and Hearing Loss Justin Rozniak
Rebecca Walterman
Susan Wiley
Samantha Gustafson
P 16 FM Use for Young Children: Benefits and Challenges Nicole Cyr
P 40 Fostering Communication and Improving Feedback from HealthCare Providers to meet the 1-3-6- EHDI goals Fran Altmaier
Gidget Carle
Brigitte Dufour
P 36 Guiding Paraprofessionals and Parents In LSL Preschool Classroom Strategies Jill Weiss
Elizabeth Parker
Lauri Nelson
P 19 Honoring Informed Decision-Making: Hope Begins Here Family Resource Kit™ Alicia Favila
P 20 Honoring Parental Empowerment through an Informed Choice Framework: The HoPE Parent Partnership Program ℠ Alicia Favila
Shayne Brown
Barbara Moss
P 21 How Deaf Mentors in New Mexico Support Hispanic/Latino/Native American Families Stacy Abrams
Joseph Lopez
P 10 How Much Does Newborn Hearing Screening/EHDI Reduce Education Costs? John Eichwald
Scott Grosse
P 12 Infant Hearing Decisions: An Early Intervention Tool Josh Spann
Nannette Nicholson
Patti Martin
P 50 Issues Surrounding Lost to Follow-up Robert Fifer
Emily Steffel
Kara Bechtold
P 42 KY EHDI Scorecard, Setting the Standards Michelle King
Cathy Lester
Lou Ann Jones
Kelly Daniel
P 13 Language Outcomes of Children from Spanish-Speaking Families: A Multi-State Perspective Allison Sedey
Christine Yoshinaga-Itano
Mallene Wiggin
P 3 Making it Work without the “Toy Bag”: Using the Family’s Resources to Meet Session Objectives. Claire Soete
Dorie Noll
P 51 Management of Hearing Assistive Technology in the Educational Setting Anne Marie Tharpe
Hilary Davis
P 53 Marion Downs Hearing Center’s (MDHC’s) Teen Program: Evaluating Student Outcomes and Assessing the Curriculum Sandra Gabbard
Vickie Thomson
Zac La Fratta
P 18 Maximizing the Power of Newborn Hearing Screening: Advantages of a Dual Protocol Jessica Loson
Yell Inverso
Thierry Morlet
Shanda Brashears
P 41 Moving On Up: Transitioning From EI to Preschool Carrie Davenport
Tabitha Belhorn
P 6 New Beginnings: A Strategic Futures Planning Process for EHDI Program Improvement Kate Tullis
Jerry Petroff
Carlos Duran
P 23 Noise in the NICU: Optimizing the Acoustic Environment for Infants in the Special Care Nursery Christina Maria Jaunakais
Shawn Van Steen
Nancy McKenna
Jackson Roush
P 15 NYEHDI-IS within the New York State Child Health Information Integration Regina Bryde
Justin Hausmann
P 22 Oklahoma Audiology Task Force Makeover Patricia Burk
P 34 Preparation of Speech-Language Pathologists to Serve Infants and Young Children with Hearing Loss Stacey Platzman
Alexanna Kubler
P 44 Racial Disparities in Infant Hearing Loss in Mississippi Xiaojian Liu
Eunice Short
P 11 Readability of EHDI Parent Information Materials Samuel Atcherson
Richard Zraick
Nannette Nicholson
Lauren Schlagenhauf
P 27 Simultaneous Bilateral Cochlear Implantation in the Pediatric Population: Case Studies and Review of the Literature Bianca Gomez
Holly Teagle
Craig Buchman
P 38 Spatial Hearing Abilities in Toddlers with Bilateral Cochlear Implants Erica Ehlers
Christi Hess
Ruth Litovsky
P 43 Speech perception in preschool children: Practice and performance Kristina Blaiser
Karen Munoz
Haleigh White
P 2 State EHDI Funding Carly Foreman
P 48 The Effect of Hearing Modality on Communication Outcomes: Bimodal Hearing versus Bilateral Cochlear Implantation Megan Roberts
Tamala Bradham
Rene Gifford
Devon Brunson
P 29 Undiagnosed Diabetes and Adults Deaf Since Birth or Childhood Steven Barnett
Erika Sutter
Paul Winters
Carlene Mowl
Michael McKee
Scott Smith
Thomas Pearson
P 46 Untapped Opportunities for EHDI Professionals Eric Epstein
Jeanne Hollabaugh
P 17 User Friendliness of EHDI Parent Information Materials Samuel Atcherson
Richard Zraick
Nannette Nicholson
Mary Gunn Spragins
P 39 Using Chapter Champions and partnerships to achieve EHDI goals Colleen Barry
Rose Kerrins
P 14 Using Quality Improvement Methodology to Improve EHDI Systems Meghan Guinnee
Susan Wiley
P 24 What’s Math Got To Do With It? A Theoretical Connection Between Early Math and Reading Concepts Karen Kritzer
Claudia Pagliaro
P 37 Wisconsin Sound Beginnings & WIC Collaboration Successfully Reduces Loss-to-Follow-Up Elizabeth Seeliger
Rebecca Martin
P 33 You Are a Member of the Team! Preparing for and Participating in Your Child’s IEP Meeting Lisa Weiss
Susan Fingerle