Title: 'The Medical Home, Audiology and ENT: Communication and Collaboration through 1:3:6'
Track: 5 - Medical Home
Keyword(s): Medical Home, audiology, otolaryngology, care coordination
Learning Objectives:
  1. Describe how the medical home can collaborate and communicate with other providers to facilitate optimal care for young infants with hearing loss
  2. Analyze specific situations involving care coordination among providers to determine how best to support families and provide optimal care
  3. Describe the importance of a pediatric audiological and ENT evaluation in the care of young infants with hearing loss.


Care coordination, family education and support and collaboration with other providers are at the heart of the Medical Home. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Guidelines for Pediatric Medical Home Providers recommends referral to a pediatric audiologist by three months and an otolaryngologist by six months for all babies who do not pass their initial newborn hearing screen and outpatient rescreen. This 1:3:6 roadmap is the cornerstone of care by primary care providers (PCP). Communication and collaboration among these three providers and caregivers will often determine the ability to receive timely services, adherence by caregivers and future successful outcome. Three experienced practitioners will examine the advantages and challenges of care coordination and family support involving the medical home, otolaryngology (ENT) and audiology. Topics will include supporting families through what is often multiple confusing medical encounters, the characteristics of an optimal pediatric audiological evaluation, how an ENT evaluation facilitates proper management and how best to improve communication and collaboration. Challenges such as differing terminology, timing and scheduling of visits, and roadblocks to coordinated care will be addressed, as well. Attendees are encouraged to participate in discussion of care coordination and to bring specific examples to address.
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Jack Levine - POC,Primary Presenter
Kew Gardens Hills Pediatrics
     Credentials: MD, FAAP
     Other Affiliations: Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Hofstra University School of Medicine
      Dr. Levine is a community based general pediatrician in Queens, NY who has subspecialty certification in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics. He was the recipient of a 2008 American Academy of Pediatrics CATCH (Community Access to Child Health) grant and 2012 Healthy People 2020 grant. Dr. Levine is the director of the Center for Autism at Nassau University Medical Center. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Hofstra University School of Medicine and a frequent speaker to both families and professionals. Dr. Levine is a member of the AAP Task Force on Improving the Effectiveness of Newborn Hearing Screening, Diagnosis and Intervention.

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Karen Munoz - Primary Presenter,Co-Presenter
Utah State University
     Credentials: Associate Professor
     Other Affiliations: NCHAM
      Karen Muñoz is an associate professor of audiology at Utah State University in the Department of Communicative Disorders and associate director of the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management. Her research focus is in the area of childhood hearing loss.

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Charles Bower - Primary Presenter
Arkansas Children's Hospital
     Credentials: Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, and Chief of Pediatric Otolaryngology at Arkansas Children's Hospital
      Dr. Bower completed medical school and residency at UAMS, and fellowship in Pediatric Otolaryngology in Cincinnati. Dr. Bower is board certified in Otolaryngology and is a fellow of the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery as well as a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Bower is a member of ASPO and the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association. Dr. Bower has received numerous awards including being named one of the Best Doctors in America (1996-2012), and the Red Sash and Otolaryngology teaching awards. Dr. Bower has published numerous articles and book chapters on topics including infant hearing screening, sleep apnea, and airway problems.

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