Title: 'Phase II-Successful Education Strategy: Pairing Hearing and Bloodspot Education-Reaching Audiologists and Primary Care Providers'
Track: 1 - EHDI Program Enhancement
Keyword(s): Primary Care, Pairing, Bloodspot, Education
Learning Objectives:
  1. Learn effective site visit strategies
  2. Combine hearing and bloodspot education into a cohesive message resulting in early diagnosis, treatment and intervention
  3. Incorporate parent and professional materials and tools to decrease loss to follow up/documentation


The paired hearing and bloodspot education efforts were expanded beyond site visits and education at hospitals to include Audiology practices, primary care providers, pediatricians, midwives and community health centers. This paired message reinforces that newborn hearing screening is included as part of the newborn screening panel and has follow up implications just as the bloodspot. Successful 1-3-6 messages include the medical home and audiologists and it is imperative that they understand their unique roles and responsibilities to each other and to their patients. The visits provide an overview of the AzEHDI system and an understanding of how to navigate the system for appropriate referral and follow up. This presentation will review the content shared during the visits, provide materials distributed during the visits, and discuss follow up strategies.
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Randi Winston - Author
NCHAM, The EAR Foundation of Arizona, The Arizona Department of Health Services
     Credentials: Au.D, CCC-A
     Other Affiliations: Member ASHA, AAA, ArSHA
      Randi Winston has been a consulting audiologist for The EAR Foundation of Arizona (EFAZ), the Arizona Department of Health Services and Arizona's State EHDI Program since 1998. Her role has primarily involved working with hospital based newborn hearing screening, early childhood hearing screening programs statewide. She continues to provide ongoing training and technical assistance with an emphasis on program quality. She serves on the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management (NCHAM) Technical Assistance Network, assisting states in Region X in their EHDI efforts.

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Melissa Selbst - Co-Presenter,Author
EAR Foundation of Arizona
     Credentials: Melissa Selbst, MPH, CHES Executive Director www.earfoundationaz.com
      Executive Director, 2006-present EAR Foundation of Arizona Staff and volunteer management, Fundraising, Community Relations, Board Management and Development Financial Management, Program Management Professional Education and Training Director of Program Services and Public Affairs, 1996 – 2006 March of Dimes Arizona Chapter, Phoenix, Arizona Program management and oversight for public health education, professional health education, advocacy and grants management for the Arizona Chapter.

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Sondi Aponte - POC,Co-Presenter,Author
Az Dept of Health Services
     Credentials: Office of Newborn Screening Quality Improvement, Education and Outreach Manager
      With 15 years’ experience in technology, program development, and training, Sondi Aponte is the Quality Improvement, Education and Outreach Manager with the Office of Newborn Screening (ONBS) program at the Arizona Department of Health Services. In that capacity, she develops quality assurance measures, monitors program outcomes, oversees hearing grants, and is the project lead on the CDC Data Integration grant. Program quality improvement responsibilities include data evaluation and analysis, report creation and overall data integrity. Partnership development and enhancement are crucial components of her job, representing the ONBS with The Az. Academy of Pediatrics, The Arizona Perinatal Trust and The EAR Foundation of Arizona (EFAz) among others.Sondi develops and implements training materials and educates clinical providers and families on newborn screening best practice.

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