Title: 'Serving from a Greater Vantage Point: Lessons Learned from the Texas Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Pilot'
Track: 8 - EHDI Workforce Issues
Keyword(s): strategic, improvement, partnerships, change, lessons
Learning Objectives:
  1. • Identify how professionals, parents and community partnerships support relevant understanding of: • critical issues that may contribute to poor follow-up rates • quality improvement measures and opportunities within the EHDI system
  2. • Learn how targeted parent/professional partnerships can be achieved to improve statewide education and public awareness initiatives that further the efficacy of the EHDI system
  3. • Develop strategies for assessing the EHDI climate in your communities at both state and local provider levels in order to create the most appropriate training, technical assistance, and resources across the EHDI continuum


National data indicates that newborn hearing loss affects 2 - 3 in 1,000 newborns. More than 400,000 babies are born in Texas annually, which should result in >1,200 newborns identified and enrolled in early intervention services on an annual basis. Between 1996 and 2008, Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) annual enrollment data reports for this population consistently documented a mere 12% - 14% of the estimated population as being enrolled and receiving deaf education early intervention services. Correlations can be made between the TEA and the CDC's Annual Data reports for 2008, 2009 and 2010 regarding loss to follow-up/documentation for Texas, particularly at the EI service point. To address this critical issue the Texas Deaf & Hard of Hearing Leadership Council: Birth – 3 proposed key strategic initiatives to improve providers’ knowledge and skills across the EHDI continuum and key strategic initiatives to assist parents in understanding how to access early hearing detection and intervention (EHDI) providers and services in a timely, effective manner. These strategic initiatives guided the organizational framework of the Texas Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (Texas EHDI) Pilot, implemented by the Texas Education Agency in partnership with the State’s Part C Agency and the Texas Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program. Five communities, known as “Communities of Change,” participated in the Texas EHDI Pilot, which ran from October 2008 through September 2011. Texas EHDI Health Educators and Family Support Consultants partnered directly with the pilot communities for improvement efforts. This session will outline the purpose, design and implementation efforts of the Pilot and will detail lessons learned from this important endeavor to improve providers’ quality of care and families’experiences navigating the early hearing detection and intervention system in Texas. Potential applications for states working in a similar direction will be discussed.
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Alicia Favila - POC,Primary Presenter,Author
ESC State Leadership Office for DHH Services: Birth - 5, Region 10 Education Service Center
     Credentials: M.Ed. Educational Administration and Supervision; B.S. Communication Sciences and Disorders, Deaf Education Teacher Certification
      Alicia M. Favila, M. Ed., provides leadership, staff development, consultation and technical assistance in the development and implementation of comprehensive early intervention services for families of infants and toddlers with hearing loss in Texas. Ms. Favila facilitates the Texas Deaf and Hard of Hearing Leadership Council: Birth – 3, on behalf of the Texas Education Agency, which serves as an action-oriented advisory committee designed to improve the state’s EHDI system of care. Her expertise is in promoting practices, protocols and personnel preparation to support a comprehensive coordinated statewide seamless system of services so that no child/family is lost to follow-up. Ms. Favila directs the HoPE Parent Partnership Program?, oversees the National Early Childhood Assessment Project for the state of Texas and serves as a core team member for the Texas NICHQ Project. Ms. Favila provides consultation to other states and stakeholders involved in EHDI system improvement efforts.

Financial - Receives Salary for Employment,Management position,Teaching and speaking,Consulting from Region 10 Education Service Center/Texas Education Agency.  

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