Title: 'Building a Screening Infrastructure for Children's Success (BASICS): Conducting Hearing Screening Beyond the Newborn Period in Early Childhood Centers'
Track: 1 - EHDI Program Enhancement
Keyword(s): childhood centers, hearing screening beyond the newborn period
Learning Objectives:
  1. describe the system developed to screen 0-5 year olds at early childhood centers
  2. identify the follow up strategies and methods incorporated to reduce loss to follow up
  3. describe the feasibility for replication and sustainability for mass screening programs


BASICS was developed by the EAR Foundation of Arizona as a project to screen children beyond the newborn period. The initial project has focused on screening in childcare centers in a selected area. Hearing and vision screens were conducted using age appropriate screening methods and equipment. The staff were trained using the standardized statewide T3 training and ECHO training tools for hearing and the vision through equipment manufacturer training tools and vision consultant. The staff performed over 5,000 screens in the first 17 months of the project with an additional 5,700 screens to be conducted in 2012-2013. The staff conduct rescreens for children who do not pass the initial hearing screen, follow up with parents, primary care providers specialists; audiologists, ENT, ophthalmology and optometry offices to ensure the children are connected with services. Initial results have identified children with OM, conductive, sensorineural and mixed loss as well identified children with vision issues including amblyopia. The session will discuss the initial results of the project and methods used in developing the project.
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Melissa Selbst - POC,Primary Presenter
EAR Foundation of Arizona
     Credentials: Melissa Selbst, MPH, CHES Executive Director www.earfoundationaz.com
      Executive Director, 2006-present EAR Foundation of Arizona Staff and volunteer management, Fundraising, Community Relations, Board Management and Development Financial Management, Program Management Professional Education and Training Director of Program Services and Public Affairs, 1996 – 2006 March of Dimes Arizona Chapter, Phoenix, Arizona Program management and oversight for public health education, professional health education, advocacy and grants management for the Arizona Chapter.

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Sherry Fronterhouse - Co-Presenter
The EAR Foundation of Arizona
     Credentials: T3 Trainer
      For the last 18 months, Sherry Fronterhouse has worked as the Follow-up/Screening Coordinator for The Ear Foundation of Arizona’s BASICS program. Sherry has been involved in the planning and coordination of over 70 screening sites in central Phoenix and has helped screen thousands of PreK children using OAE and Puretone methodology. Her work in the BASICS program also involves follow-up with families and medical providers for hearing refers. Since joining the BASICS program, Sherry has completed T3-Train the Trainer OAE Birth-3 training and is now training other hearing screeners.

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Arianne Gruys - Co-Presenter,Author
The EAR Foundation of Arizona
     Credentials: BA from UCLA Minor in Developmental Psychology
      Arianne was hired by The EAR Foundation of Arizona in November to work part-time as a Screener and Program Associate. She has spearheaded a number of projects including creating and maintaining social networking sites to increase donor awareness. Her experience working with children ranges from research in psychiatry to interning at the Megan E. Daly Infant Development Program at UCLA. She also conducted research at the UCLA Baby Lab and was an Assistant Teacher at the UCLA Lab School. Arianne is currently in the process of applying to Graduate School.

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