Title: 'It Is About Team work –A Playbook for Supporting Shared Expectations Through Cochlear Implant Candidacy and the Early Stages of Listening”'
Track: 3 - Language Acquisition and Development
Keyword(s): collaboration families, hospitals, teachers cochlear implants
Learning Objectives:
  1. - - Identify some of the gaps in communication between implant centers, early intervention providers and families who are undergoing the cochlear implant process. Develop an understanding of the impact of collaboration in understanding expectations.
  2. Understand guidelines for families for sharing information with cochlear implant centers and their early intervention providers as their child moves through the candidacy process and the early stages of listening.
  3. Develop an understanding of the collaboration opportunities between early intervention professionals and cochlear implant centers and their impact on the families’ expectations.


Families that have a child diagnosed with a hearing loss are in need of support and guidance from a variety of professionals. Parents that have made the decision to pursue a cochlear implant for their child are often overwhelmed with information from a variety of sources. It is essential as the child moves through the candidacy process that the parents, hospital and early intervention providers collaborate to share information about the child’s current functioning. Early intervention providers submit to the hospital reports on family support systems, cognitive functioning and language development. The hospital may share information on recent medical tests and audiological evaluations. The family is essential in sharing information on the child’s personality, likes and dislikes. This information gathering and open discussion provides a picture of the whole child and family system. Once a child has an implant, the collaborative efforts of family, hospital and early intervention continue to be essential to the child’s success in developing listening and spoken language. The use of report sharing, ongoing parental meetings, visits to the hospital with the family by early intervention staff are necessary for shared goals and expectations to be clear. It important that providers and families work together systematically towards this new model of collaboration to optimize shared understanding of the child’s goals through the candidacy process and the during the early stages of listening.
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Meg Santoro - POC,Primary Presenter
Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
     Credentials: MS.Ed. Teacher of the Deaf Cochlear Implant Educational Consultant
      I have worked in the field of education for over ten years. I am a certified Teacher of the Deaf and work at the Pennylvania School for the Deaf in Philadelphia, PA. My focus has been in Early Childhood Education. I have completed the Professional Preparation in Cochlear Implants Program through the Children's Hospital of Phildelphia. I am currently employed as the school's cochlear implant educational consultant. I support families and teachers in understanding the candidacy process. I faciliate information sharing between the three local implant centers and the school and family.

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