Title: 'New Beginnings: A Strategic Futures Planning Process for EHDI Program Improvement'
Track: 9 - Program Evaluation and Quality Improvement
Keyword(s): Program Improvement Planning
Learning Objectives:
  1. develop and implement a strategic planning process for the continued improvement of a State EHDI Program.
  2. use specific tools for strategic futures-oriented planning processes.


The Delaware Division of Public Health implements a statewide early hearing detection system and has been advised over the past decade by a professional organization of interested stakeholders. However, the 2012 reauthorization of the state regulations established a Governor appointed Advisory Board of 12 members representing specific roles. In preparation for this new requirements, the Delaware EDHI program administrators developed and implemented a plan for strategic futures planning for the continued improvement. The improvement planning process would incorporate the agenda for the newly created advisory committee to assure that progress toward the EDHI program objectives were assured. This conference session will outline the improvement planning process and highlight the newly established Delaware mandates that could be generalized to any state. Participants will be provided an outline to identify current issues and impressions of their EHDI program that could serve as a blueprint for progress and improvement. In addition, challenges involved operating an EDHI statewide program will be discussed, with possible approaches using creative problem-solving toward realizing statewide consensus.
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Kate Tullis - Co-Presenter
Delaware Divsion of Public Health
     Credentials: PhD
      Kate Tullis received her PhD in Toxicology from the University of California, Davis. Following a fellowship in Human Genetics at the University of Michigan she worked as a program coordinator for NYMAC, a regional genetics collaborative. In 2011 she became the Newborn Screening and Genetics Administrator for the State of Delaware where she directs the Newborn Metabolic and Hearing Screening Program.

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Jerry Petroff - POC,Co-Presenter,Author
The College of New Jersey
     Credentials: Speech & Language Specialist; Teacher of the Deaf/HOH, Teacher of the Blind/VI and Associate Professor of Education
     Other Affiliations: Executive Director, TCNJ Center for Sensory and Complex Disabilities: Research & Training
      Dr. Petroff is an Associate Professor at The College of New Jersey, School of Education in the Department of Special Education, Language and Literacy. In addition, he is the Executive Director of TCNJ's Center for Sensory & Complex Disabilities. Dr. Petroff has over thirty years of experience working on behalf of students, youth and adults who are deafblind. Holding a doctorate in psychological studies in special education, he is an expert in inclusive education, assistive technology (augmentative and alternative communication), and the transition of students with disabilities from school to adult life. Current areas of research and focus relate to the (1) promotion of early communication in children with complex / sensory disabilities; (2) post school lives of youth who are deafblind; (3) issues of behavior support for children with multiple disabilities / deafblindness; and (4) psycho-educational / group processes.

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Carlos Duran - Co-Presenter
Christiana Care Neonatologist
     Credentials: MD, FAAP Medical Director Delaware Early Intervention-North
     Other Affiliations: Chair EHDI Advisory Board, Delaware AAP Chapter Champion
      Dr. Duran is a neonatologist, graduate of Hershey Medical Center of Penn State. He has had a lifelong interest in hearing screening of the newborn. He is the founder of the Delaware Infant Hearing Assessment and Intervention Program and the chair of the current advisory Committee. He has been instrumental in the maintenance of the Delaware EHDI Program.

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