Title: 'FM Use for Young Children: Benefits and Challenges'
Track: 2 - Audiological Services
Keyword(s): FM, preschool, family experiences, FM outcomes
Learning Objectives:
  1. Outline the model program to justify the use of FM systems for deaf and hard of hearing preschool children.
  2. Identify and expand on areas of future need including time commitments, effciency, support, and parent access and education on this technology.
  3. Explain pre and post measures in verification and validation of benefit.


The Marion Downs Hearing Center has identified benefits and challenges related to the use and procedures of FM systems for deaf and hard of hearing preschool aged children. Our goal was to validate the importance of these devices for this population through a six week language intensive summer preschool program. Subjective and objective pre and post measures were conducted prior to FM fitting and once the preschool program had concluded to quantify received benefit. The children were seen before the start of the program to verify personal technology with and without the FM receivers and provide the parents with a transmitter for home use during the six weeks of the program. An information session was held to educate parents on FM technology basics, uses, versatility and benefits in and outside of the classroom. A fourth year audiology graduate student was available at the preschool daily to offer support to providers, parents and the children, verify function of each device, and address any concerns in the classroom. A powerful part of the program was the learned ability for the children to report inconsistencies of the devices as well as the feedback shared by parents and children about experiences strengthened by the additional language input provided by the FM systems.
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Nicole Cyr - POC,Primary Presenter
University of Colorado Hospital
     Credentials: Fourth Year AuD Extern
      Originally from Maine, Nicole attended the University of Maine at Orono for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Graduate School at the University of Colorado brought Nicole to Colorado, and eventually to the Marion Downs Hearing Center. In her fourth year externship, Nicole is currently working on her Clinical Doctorate degree in Audiology from the University of Colorado Boulder. Working at the University of Colorado Hospital has been a very eye opening experience for Nicole. She has discovered her fascination with cochlear implants, and her particular desire to work in pediatrics.

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