Title: 'Language Acquisition for the Bilingual Child-Raising Bilingual Children in the United States'
Track: 3 - Language Acquisition and Development
Keyword(s): bilingualism, language delays , hearing loss, cochlear implant.
Learning Objectives:
  1. participants will be able to talk about the different ways in which childen can become bilingual and will also become familiar with the approaches in Raising a Bilingual Child and the Strategies to Maintain the First Language
  2. participants will understand the effects of parental beliefs and concerns as well as societal and cultural attitudes on second language acquisition
  3. Participants will become familiar with the research on oral Bilingualism and Hearing Loss in the United States


The purpose of this presentation is to take a closer look at bilingualism in the United States, to address parental concerns regarding bilingualism, and to illustrate the different approaches used to facilitate second language acquisition for all children. The question of whether bilingualism is possible for children with hearing loss is also addressed.
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Lucia Quinonez Sumner - POC,Primary Presenter,Author
Early Sensory Support -Deaf /Hard of Hearing/DPI
     Credentials: B. A. Psychology, M.A. Special Education.,ITFS
     Other Affiliations: Sertoma
      Lucia lives in Charlotte, NC . She is originally from South America. Lucia has a master’s degree in Special Education. She holds professional educator’s licenses in B-K and Hearing Impairment. She works as Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing with the Early Sensory Support for Children with Hearing Impairments. Lucia created the Merry Christmas Project. This project delivers toys and nonperishable food items during the holidays to families with children with hearing loss. Lucia is a frequent presenter on topics including bilingualism, play and development, working with interpreters in the early intervention setting and Cultural competency and sensitivity. She has published several chapters in the EHDI e-book on those same topics and created the “Glossary of Deafness & Audiological Terms -English to Spanish”. Lucia is part of the CASTLE/CARE Planning Committee for the Latino Family Retreat Project and a member of the EHDI E-book advisory board.

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Kathryn Bennight - Co-Presenter
North Carolina Early Intervention for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
     Credentials: Parent-Infant Educator, B.A. Deaf Education, M.A. Early Intervention in Deaf Education
     Other Affiliations: AG Bell Association
      Fontbonne University's Early Intervention in Deaf Education program was the opportunity of a lifetime! Working with babies, toddlers, and their families to help ensure children with hearing loss are ready for school, reading, and life is a joy!

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