Title: 'The “What Else?” Checklist: Guiding Audiologists in Their Role with Families'
Track: 2 - Audiological Services
Keyword(s): audiology, information, support, family
Learning Objectives:
  1. Utilize the Checklist Tool to improve service delivery to families


The “What Else?” Checklist is intended to help guide Audiologists in appointments with families. This checklist was developed to ensure that families are getting the information and support they need to be effective as parents in the language development and communication access of their children. This simple checklist can be used to ensure that consideration has been given to: • Ensure that time with a family is utilized most efficiently so their needs are met. • Support the family with the information they need to make informed decisions. • Support the family’s emotional context to the experience. • Provide additional resources beyond the audiologist’s office that will help the family (community, family-to-family support, etc.). Practical, succinct reminders for the audiologist that will help them prior to, during, and after an appointment are included in this checklist. Families report that Audiologists who are sensitive to the holistic experience of raising a child who is deaf/hard of hearing create a more equitable partnership towards success. This checklist was created by the CDC Parent-to-Parent subcommittee that brought you: “Questions to ask your Audiologist”, “The Communication Decision Guide”, and the “IFSP Communication Plan” among other items.
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Janet DesGeorges - POC,Co-Presenter,Author
Hands & Voices, Headquarters
     Credentials: N/A
      Janet DesGeorges lives in Boulder, Colorado and is mom to Sara, who is hard of hearing. She is a co-founder of Hands & Voices, serving as the Executive Director since September 2011, and as the E.D. of the Flagship chapter of Hands & Voices in Colorado for 10 years prior to that. Ms. DesGeorges is the author on the chapter for Family Support in the NCHAM e-Book, the co-author of the book Educational Advocacy for Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing: The Hands & Voices Guidebook, and many other publications. Ms. DesGeorges received a program certificate from the MCH Public Health Leadership Institute in 2011 at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Her areas of interest include Leadership Development for parents; Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Systems; Parent/Professional partnerships in Quality Improvement processes.

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Alison Grimes - Co-Presenter,Author
Audiology, RR UCLA Medical Center
     Credentials: AuD, ABA-Bd Cert- Pediatric Aud.
      Alison Grimes, AuD, is Head of the Audiology Clinic at Ronald Reagan-UCLA Medical Center, Director of the UCLA Newborn Hearing Screening Program, and an Assistant Clinical Professor in Head and Neck Surgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. She is also a Past-President of the American Academy of Audiology, and continues to serve on a variety of Task Forces and Committees for the Academy. As one of the representatives to the Joint Committee on Infant Hearing since 2006, Alison participated in the writing of the 2007 Position Statement and on the upcoming 2012 Early Intervention document. Currently, Alison chairs the Pediatric Amplification Task Force for the American Academy of Audiology. In addition to serving as AAA President, Alison has been on the Executive Board of the American Auditory Society, and serves on the California State Speech Language Pathology and Audiology Licensing Board since 2000.

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