Title: 'The CARE Project: Adjustment Counseling Tools for Parents and Professionals'
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Keyword(s): grief stages, counseling, outcomes
Learning Objectives:
  1. 1. Identify the 7 emotional stages of grief associated with loss as proposed by the instructor
  2. 2. Define his/her role as an active listener in validating the emotions expressed by families
  3. 3. Counsel families on the need to reach acceptance of hearing loss and the positive outcomes that may result in doing so


CARE introduces the participants to 7 emotional stages of grief associated with loss and allows them to learn from and analyze 8 family perspectives presented through a documentary film viewing. This process will require active listening on the part of the participants and as each story is viewed in order to identify the different emotions discussed. The desired outcome for participants is to learn to become active listeners when counseling patients and their families.
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Johnnie Sexton - POC,Primary Presenter
The CARE Project
     Credentials: AuD, CCC-A
      Johnnie Sexton has worked with children who are deaf and hard of hearing for 33 years. In recent years, he designed the early intervention system for audiology in North Carolina. He has devoted his energy in the past 2 years to redefining counseling for families with children who have hearing challenges and the professionals who provide services for them. He owns a private practice specializing in educational audiology services and has established the nonprofit agency, The CARE Project, Inc., serving as Executive Director, for the advancement of family, professional and preprofessional training opportunities in counseling.

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