Title: 'Beyond The Locker Room: Raising Children With Hearing Loss To Be Ready For The Game of Life.'
Track: 7 - Family Perspectives and Support
Keyword(s): positive pyscho-social development, fathers
Learning Objectives:
  1. understand a real life perspective of what it is like to grow up as a hearing impaired boy to identify the real life challenges that can impede positive social development.
  2. identify successful strategies for promoting self confidence and success in children with hearing loss.
  3. engage in dynamic discussion with other parents and speaker about real life questions related to raising a child with hearing loss to become self confident and successful.


A child’s personality can affect adaptation to hearing loss. Pyschological, biological, and social factors place children with hearing loss at higher risk for challenges than children with typical hearing (Kaland, M. & Salvatore, K. (2002, March 19.) The ASHA Leader. The Psychology of Hearing Loss. ) Parents are key to helping their child achieve positive pyscho-social development, yet they commonly report feeling unprepared. Research has cited the benefits of positive father involvement in parenting young children. This session will focus on a ‘man-to-man’ interactive dialogue with fathers and other male caretakers to answer their questions about raising a child with hearing loss from the personal experiences and wisdom of a successful male who has grown up with moderate to severe bilateral sensori-neural hearing loss. This session will offer real life ideas on how to promote positive social development for a child with hearing loss and raise a child who is ready for the game of life.
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Marc Le Beau - POC,Primary Presenter
     Credentials: B.S. Economics, University of Illinois, Chicago
      Marc Le Beau was identified with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss at age five. His high school counselor stated that she didn't believe with his hearing impairment he could be successful. Marc was a high school athlete in gymnastics, wrestling, baseball and golf. He competed in the Freestyle Wrestling US Open in 1988. He was a successful leader in several college organizations and graduated with a B.S. in Economics from the University of Illinois in Chicago. He currently works as a manager for a major pharmaceutical company. His passions are outdoor activities and connecting with families who have children with hearing loss. He loves his hearing service dog, Midas.

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