Title: 'Fostering Communication and Improving Feedback from HealthCare Providers to meet the 1-3-6- EHDI goals'
Track: 1 - EHDI Program Enhancement
Keyword(s): Feedback, Outpatient Hearing Screening, Diagnostic Evaluation, Turnaround time, Follow up
Learning Objectives:
  1. Effectively implement the Fax Back Form with healthcare providers to enhance turnaround time for referral and further testing
  2. Monitor and track feedback from healthcare providers
  3. Combine with other effective follow up methods when communicating with healthcare providers and families


Healthcare Providers play a key role in identifying and caring for infants with hearing loss. The Office of Newborn Screening implemented a successful strategy to improve communications and feedback from healthcare providers. The new strategy is called the 'Fax Back Form'. The Fax Back Form indicates the infant's most recent hearing results and requires the healthcare provider to review and return the Fax Back Form with specific information in regards to where and when hearing testing or diagnostic evaluation will take place. From there, our follow up team will track and confirm with parents and the hearing testing facility that further evaluation took place and will obtain the hearing results in a timely manner. In addition, the Fax Back Form enables the Follow Up team to identify at an early stage families not returning to their healthcare providers, triggering the team to explore other options to reach the family and reducing the lost to follow up/loss to documentation rate. The use of the Fax Back Form in combination with other effective tools improves turnaround time for obtaining outpatient screening results and diagnostic evaluation.
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Fran Altmaier - Co-Presenter,Author
Arizona Department Health Services
     Credentials: BSW
      Fran is the Case Management Coordinator at the Arizona Department of Health Services, Office of Newborn Screening. She provides administrative oversight to the follow up teams for both hearing and bloodspot. Prior to becoming the Coordinator in November 2014, Fran spent the prior 2 1/2 years as the High Risk Coordinator/Project Specialist. She provided follow up to all newborns who spent >5 days in a NICU and did not pass their newborn hearing screen as well as completing CQI projects related to reducing LTFU. Fran has a Bachelor of Social Work degree. Before joining the Newborn Screening Program nearly 3 years ago, Fran spent 18 years as a social worker in the early intervention field.

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Gidget Carle - Author
Arizona Department of Health Services
     Credentials: BSN
      Ms. Carle joined the Newborn Hearing Screening follow up team in September 2012. She has more than 19 years in medical clinical settings. Ms. Carle is the team leader for the hearing screening program and oversee activities performed by hearing Follow up Specialists for well babies. She monitors progress made based on the EHDI 1-3-6 goals. Ms. Carle is responsible for establishing protocols, policies and procedures for effective follow-up.

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Brigitte Dufour - POC,Co-Presenter,Author
Arizona Dept of Health Services
     Credentials: B.S.
      Brigitte Dufour is the case management coordinator for the Office of Newborn Screening since June 2009. She oversees follow-up activities for abnormal results coming from bloodspot and hearing screening. Her goal is to enable parents and providers to work together so infants will receive appropriate intervention in a timely manner. Ms. Dufour works for the Arizona Department of Health Services since 2004. She has over eight years of program management experience including rulemaking, training and education, investigation, inspection protocols, enforcement actions, and database management. Ms Dufour is a member of Az. Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) team.

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