Title: 'A Population in Motion: Engaging the military in EHDI maneuvers'
Track: 6 - Follow-up, Tracking and Data Management
Keyword(s): loss-to-follow-up, documentation, military, policy
Learning Objectives:
  1. Learn how to build a partnership between the military and the state.
  2. Strategies for reducing loss to documentation.


“Moving-in, moving-out” is an ongoing issue for any state where infants are born on a military installation! Families and staff are relocated creating a system in motion and a challenge for tracking. Alaska has two military facilities. While representing 14% of the State’s annual birth census, in 2010 infant born on military facilities accounted for more than half of the state’s loss to follow-up/documentation. This presentation will explore the journey which led to a mandatory policy and a reduction in loss to documentation/follow-up at the largest military installation in Alaska. Measures taken to reduce loss to follow-up/documentation and improve tracking this mobile population will be discussed. Identifying where the process was “tangled” and how it was fixed will be examined. This presentation will explore the mechanics by which two information systems (state and military) started “talking” to each other with the goal of improving documentation. How to engage leadership and support will be reviewed. The process for building a partnership between the State and military will be discussed and how leadership buy-in was obtained. This presentation is applicable to all programs looking to build a partnership with a large system with its own culture and regulations. Winning the battle, which lead to a reduction in loss to follow-up for this population from 66% in CY 2010 to 15% in 2011, will be highlighted.
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Beth Kaplan - POC,Primary Presenter,Author
EHDI, State of Alaska - Division of Public Health
     Credentials: M.Ed.
     Other Affiliations: Alaska Public Health Association
      Beth Kaplan has served as the Program Manager for Alaska’s EHDI Program in the Section of Women’s, Children’s and Family Health (WCFH) since December of 2006. Before joining WCFH, she was the Family Care Coordinator for the Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Clinic and the Neonatal Intensive Care Developmental Follow-up Program at Providence Alaska Medical Center. She also worked in early intervention programs in Anchorage and Fairbanks. She has a Master of Education with an emphasis in Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education. Beth has dedicated her career to supporting families and coordinating care for children with special health care needs. She enjoys the challenge of improving the system of care for children by facilitating partnerships with providers and families. She has lived and worked in Alaska for over thirty-five years; she began her career in New York City in a pilot travel training program for the Department of Special Education.

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Bridget McMullen - Co-Presenter
Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson
     Credentials: Maj, USAF, BSC,CCC-A
      Major Bridget McMullen is the Element Leader of the Audiology Clinic at Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson Alaska since 2010. She holds a Masters of Arts in Audiology from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge and completed her CFY at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio. She was a civilian audiologist prior to coming into the Air Force as a direct commission in 1995. She was Chief of Audiology for the Educational Developmental Intervention Services in Spangdhalem AB, Germany and later became Chief of Audiology Services at Elmendorf AFB, AK. During her first tour of Alaska, she was awarded the Air Force Medical Services Award, 2004 Audiologist of the Year. She is a member of the Alaska EHDI Advisory Committee. Maj McMullen is married to Robert McMullen and together they have three children, Andrew, Rose and Nora.

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