Poster Sessions


P 47 Addressing the Need: The MCHB LEND Pediatric Audiology Training Program (2009-2013) Meaghan McHugh
P 39 An Exploration of How Parents of Children Who are D/HH Receive Support from Adults Who are D/HH Mandy McClellan
P 63 An Investigation of the Relationship Between Hours of Hearing Aid Use and Phonological and Morphological Development Monica Weston
Karen Muñoz
Kristina Blaiser
P 21 Auditory Skill Development of Toddlers with Permanent Bilateral Hearing Loss Alison Meagher
Christine Yoshinaga-Itano
Allison Sedey
P 8 Beyond DNA and Heredity, How Can Genetics Professionals Aid the EHDI System Robin Godshalk
P 20 Beyond Florida's Functional Listening Evaluation (FLE): Where Do We Go From Here? Virgi Mills
P 14 Cochlear Implant Candidacy and Follow-Up: A Team Approach to Looking Beyond the Audiogram Kelly Yeager
Emily Noss
Alison Whittle
John Little
P 4 Combined AABR and OAE for Newborn Hearing Screening Carlos Duran
Kate Tullis
P 62 Community Clinic Based on Identification of Hearing Loss in At Risk Populations Makanda Anderson Smith
P 31 Creating Strong Early Intervention Programs to Combat Social Deafness Melissa Meck
Nancy Mellon
P 66 Cytomegalovirus Public Awareness Project Stephanie Rusk
Valerie Collier
Girwan Khadka
Stephanie McVicar
Helen Russette
P 37 Developing a Seamless System in Washington State Kris Ching
Kerianne Christie
Jane Tabor
P 60 Development and verification of a two-interval, forced-choice infant behavioral testing procedure Jenna Browning
Lori Leibold
Emily Buss
P 65 Development of a pediatric vowel discrimination task Sadie Schwarz
Lauren Calandruccio
Emily Buss
P 25 Does Shared Reading Increase Conversational Turns? Lindsay Rodriguez
Donna Kramer
Ana Sei
P 32 Early Childhood Hearing Outreach (ECHO) Initiative: Improving the Identification of Hearing Loss in the Birth-to-Three Population Using Otoacoustic Emissions and Tympanometry Krista Sershen
Amy Hartman
P 41 Early Hearing Detection and Intervention in North Carolina: Factors Impacting the Time Interval from Screening to Diagnosis Laura Jacobsen
Jackson Roush
Marcia Fort
Kathleen Watts
Thomas Young
Melissa Taylor
P 64 Early Intervention & Its Effect on Language Development in Children Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing Katherine Rapp
P 59 Effects of linguistic environment on detection of /s/ and /z/ Hannah Hodson
Meredith Spratford
Marc Brennan
Lori Leibold
Ellen Hatala
Ryan McCreery
P 23 EHDI Morphosyntactic Development Angela Anderson
Kristina Blaiser
P 1 EHDI Pals: Successful Strategies for Promoting EHDI Pals with Healthcare Providers and Parents Fran Altmaier
Gidget Carle
Sondi Aponte
Davida Carr
P 29 Embedding Listening, Language, Speech and Cognition into Daily Routines Kristen Steele
Preston Collins
P 44 Evaluation of Association between Prenatal HIV Exposure and Congenital Hearing Loss: Data Source and Follow-up Timing Issues Denver Bailey
Wendy Jumonville
Melinda Peat
Tri Tran
Mary Jo Smith
Jeanette Webb
Terri Ibieta
Jessica Fridge
DeAnn Gruber
Susan Berry
P 55 Extending newborn hearing screenings to homebirth populations in Iowa Caitlin Sapp
Lenore Holte
Tammy O’Hollearn
P 11 FM Use for Young Children: Benefits and Challenges Krista Waterman
Sandra Gabbard
P 57 Follow-up Profile to Failed Newborn Hearing Screenings Throughout the Country Carmen Jamis
Stephanie Sanders
William Dillon
P 24 Formula for Creating Confident Social Children: Vertical Identity + Horizontal Identity = Whole Child Julie Rems-Smario
P 38 Freedom From Faxes: Florida’s Journey to Achieving Electronic Data Reporting Pam Tempson
Andrew Richardson
P 5 Getting Down to Details: Building Awareness Through Social Media Kathrine Gangeri
Ruth Frierson
P 13 Hearing Loss in Children with Congenital Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection: Findings of Houston Congenital CMV Longitudinal Study Stephanie Bialek
Winnie Chung
Gail Demmler
Chantal Caviness
Tatiana Lanzieri
Glen Abedi
Marily Flores
P 7 Identification of Risk Factors for Late-Onset Hearing Loss in Very Preterm NICU Infants Lynn Iwamoto
Maya Yamane
P 42 Improvement in Loss to Follow-up of Newborn Hearing Screening: A lesson from Louisiana Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program Xiaoling Ye
Tri Tran
Mary Jo Smith
Jeanette Webb
Terri Ibieta
Melinda Peat
P 3 Innovative Protocols and Partnerships in Rhode Island Result in Significantly Improved Rescreen Rate Tunisia Johnson
Ellen Amore
Betty Vohr
Rebecca Vargas
Elsbeth Brown
Pauline Belmonte
Richard Lupino
Fiordaliza Then
P 34 It’s All Good for EHDI: How Data Integration with Other Programs Benefits MD EHDI Brenee Mitchell
Tanya Green
Erin Filipponse
P 35 KY EHDI Journey to Excellence Lou Ann Jones
Cathy Lester
P 15 Late Onset Hearing Loss: To what Extent can Collecting Risk Factors Help Predict Hearing Loss by Late Infancy Shanda Brashears
P 33 Legislation Impacting Audiology and the Provision of Audiologic Services: A Review of Legislation across the United States Shana Bauer Vaith
Jessica Messersmith
Lindsey Jorgensen
Elizabeth Falk
Jill Lockie
P 67 LEND Audiology Traineeship at Boston Children’s Hospital: An interdisciplinary approach Regina Escano
Kaitlyn DeFonzo
Christine Marino
P 30 Literacy and Listening: Using Books to Promote Auditory Skills Ashley Irick
Emily Noss
P 17 Literacy Strategies Using Picture Books Featuring Children with Hearing Technology Lichelle Slater
Lauri Nelson
P 12 Longitudinal Tracking of Infant Hearing: Electrophysiologic Thresholds to Behavioral Thresholds Reaghan Albert
Kristin Uhler
Sandra Gabbard
Stacy Claycomb
Shannon Burns
P 10 Marion Downs Hearing Center’s (MDHC’s) Teen Program: Evaluating Student Outcomes and Assessing the Curriculum Kirsten Bock
Sandra Gabbard
P 2 Meaningful Strategies for Education, Awareness and Data Sharing to Reduce Lost to Follow up and Improve Turnaround Time for Hearing Testing and Diagnostic Evaluation Brigitte Dufour
Gidget Carle
Sondi Aponte
Fran Altmaier
Davida Carr
P 49 Neurotechnology Use in the Deaf Community: Issues of Ontology, Identity, Public Awareness and Implications for Policy Hannah Joharchi
James Giordano
P 43 Newborn Hearing Screening: High Risk Populations of Loss to Follow-up in Louisiana, 2007-2011 Xiaoling Ye
Tri Tran
Mary Jo Smith
Jeanette Webb
Terri Ibieta
Melinda Peat
P 45 Newborns with Delayed Hearing Screening Prior to Hospital Discharge: High Risk Populations of Hearing Loss Mahmoud Gaddoury
Tri Tran
Mary Jo Smith
Jeanette Webb
Terri Ibieta
Melinda Peat
P 28 Online Resources for Early Intervention Elizabeth (Betsy) Meynardie
P 36 Parental Satisfaction with Rooming-In Newborn Hearing Screening Services Jennifer Bentley
Jane Stewart
Wen-Yang Mao
P 61 Pediatric Hearing Aid Orientation in Rural Guatemala Karen Harris
P 56 Preparing Professionals for Working with Children who are Multiply Involved
Bianca Gomez
Sarah Laurello
Cory McNabb
Robert Fifer
P 54 Prevalence of Risk Factors Associated with Congenital and Delayed Onset Hearing Loss in Iowa’s Children Amy Carlson
Lenore Holte
Tammy O'Hollearn
P 16 Problem Behaviors in Young Children: The Impact of Hearing Loss and Language Impairment Sarah Orfanedes
Megan Roberts
Stephen Camarata
P. Lynn Hayes
P 46 Readability of and Useability of EHDI Newborn Hearing Screening Brochures Nannette Nicholson
Patti Martin
Samuel Atcherson
Richard Zraick
Lauren Schlagenhauf
P 58 Speech Perception Performance in Preschool Children Utilizing the Phonetically Balanced Kindergarten (PBK) Test Haleigh White
Kristina Blaiser
Karen Muñoz
Elizabeth Preston
P 19 Strategies and Tools for Building Social-Emotional Skills in Young Children with Hearing Loss Virgi Mills
P 18 Strategies for Incorporating Music into the Literacy Curriculum for Children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Lauri Nelson
Whitney Wright
Elizabeth Parker
P 50 Supporting Speech-to-Text Service Advocacy Valerie Stafford-Mallis
P 9 Tennessee's Midwife Collaborative: Forming Partnerships to Offer Otoacoustic Emissions Hearing Screens to the Homebirth Population Julie Beeler
Yinmei Li
P 22 The Acquisition of ASL Verb Forms and the Development of Spatial Cognition in Young Children Caroline Jackson
P 40 The Four Stages of Parental Experience: Receiving a Diagnosis of a Child’s Hearing Loss Meabh Kenny
Dr. Robert Fourie
P 48 Timely Diagnosis: A Resource Guide Supporting TeleAudiology Diane Behl
Katherine Christensen
P 53 To Tap, or Not To Tap? That is the Question. An Observation of Lunch Interaction in a Preschool for the Deaf in France and the United States. Patrick Graham
Christopher Patterson
P 27 Transition: The Next Step on the Road to Success Susan Lenihan
P 6 Using Data to Inform Program Enhancement: Virginia’s Experience Sara Varner
Ruth Frierson
P 51 Virtual use of Language Translators for Home Visits Kimberly Hamren
P 26 What Comes After 6? The Next Step in EHDI: Assessment of Early Intervention Outcomes (AEIOu) in Wisconsin Susan Von Dollen
Anne Heintzelman
P 52 What Do These Numbers Mean? Providing Parents with Data to Make Informed Decisions. Michele Berke