Title: 'Hearing Loss Clinic: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Family Services'
Track: 7 - Family Perspectives and Support
Keyword(s): family-centered approach, multi-disciplinary support, deafness/hearing loss, medical/psychological/auditory/genetics/education
Learning Objectives:
  1. describe the Seattle Children's Hospital model of a multi-disciplinary clinic (Hearing Loss Clinic) for children who are deaf and hard of hearing (DHH)
  2. identify resources available to families related to Deafness/Hearing Loss in Seattle, Washington
  3. recognize and explain the need for a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary team approach to support the global needs of DHH children and their families


Seattle Children's Hospital proudly offers a Hearing Loss Clinic three times per month. This is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who have an understanding and familiarity with the diverse needs of children with hearing loss/deafness. The specialties represented include audiology, aural rehabilitation, education, genetics, mental health, otolaryngology, and neurodevelopmental pediatrics. Patients referred to this clinic include those with known hearing loss/deafness, those who are newly identified, children whose families are interested in exploring the etiology, families who may be experiencing transition in the child's life, and those with multiple healthcare needs. The goal is to allow families to have the opportunity to talk with professionals in all the represented specialties in one block of time.
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Rebecca Houghton - Co-Presenter
Seattle Children's Hospital
     Credentials: MS, ABSNP
     Other Affiliations: WA Statewide Outreach Team for Childhood Center for Deafness and Hearing Loss (CDHL)
      Rebecca Houghton has worked in Deaf Education for 16 years, as a teacher, early intervention provider, and school psychologist. Currently she is a school psychologist for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) program in Tacoma School District, as well as for the Washington Statewide Outreach Team for DHH students. She works for the Hearing Loss Clinic at Seattle Children's Hospital as an educational consultant, providing families with information and resources regarding school programming, accommodations, special education law and Section 504...and any other needs that arise related to patients' education and school programming.

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Julia Petersen - Co-Presenter
Seattle Childrens' Hospital
     Credentials: mental health therapist, MA-MLHC
      Julia Petersen has been working as a Mental Health Therapist/DHH Consultant at Seattle Children’s Hospital (SC), Department of Psychiatry, DHH Program for the past 23 years. Julia is deaf herself. Her work involves collaboration with the Audiology and Interpreting Departments, community mental health agencies, schools, DHH children, adolescents, their families and communities. Julia conducts mental health diagnostic evaluations and she often needs to consider linguistic and cultural sensitivity while working with families. Her most recent pursuits include developing support groups for signing DHH middle and high school students; interactive communication/sign language program for Spanish-speaking parents of DHH children. Julia is also an integral member of the SC's Hearing Loss Clinic in the Department of Audiology/Childhood Communication Center. Julia provides consultative services, including assessing the social/emotional well-being of DHH individuals and the family’s adjustment with the identification of hearing loss/deafness.

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Patricia Cleary - Co-Presenter
Seattle Children's Hospital
     Credentials: Nurse Practitioner
      Patricia Cleary is a nurse practitioner at Seattle Children's Hospital.

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